Introducing Remo: A Webapp And Python Library That Lets You Explore And Control Your Image Datasets

Are you tired of writing long code for analyzing and visualizing datasets? Well, Remo brings you an accessible web-based application to organize, annotate, research, and visualize datasets. 

Features of Remo: 

  • It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Google Colab Notebooks. 
  • Users can use Remo to organize and access all their datasets from one place instead of creating different and unrelated repositories. 
  • Users can use Remo to build more detailed datasets by analyzing the images in-depth.
  • It can be used for analysis, data visualization, and prediction models. 
  • Adaptability in slicing data without moving it around: you can create virtual train/test/splits with data in different folders. 
  • Users can use Remo as a code interface across various tasks and projects. 
  • One-click edit will immediately reflect on multiple objects, which reduces editing on different items to make one change. 
  • Different import and export formats for data are supported, including CSV, CoCo, Pascal, etc. 
  • Users can visualize data immediately after uploading datasets. 
  • Users can use Remo to access some critical statistics of our Dataset quickly.



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