Understanding the Importance of Ethics and Security in Data Science

Benefits of data science

The data science in modern times significantly define the lives of the individuals. We have billions of uncountable data in the form of statistics that tell us the wide-ranging activities of the people. They include:

  • The traveling pattern of the people
  • Their surfing activities on the net
  • Their dining and eating activities
  • Their leisure
  • And the list goes on….

As a result, we are now transgressing into a revolutionary world of data science where people collect a great amount of data and make assessments on the basis of it. Keep in mind that the role of assessments and analyzing play an important role in data science. With such data in hand, people can end up making exceptionally innovative discoveries that have the ability to change the society we live in.

When it comes to transforming society, data science have made great contributions. Through data science, researchers have made significant researches in cancers through machine learning, and the scope of biotechnology has reached great heights.

Many researchers and scientists also believe that those emerging technologies that have their roots in data science undermine the basic principles on which our society rests. It is because these technologies are collaborating with analytical tools, databases and data-enabled strategies that strive to transform the society and propel it towards success.

Bringing better ethics into data science:

Despite giving our society the benefits of advancement, progression and changing the mode of our lives, there are aspects data sciences fails to keep its ethical grounds. In the era, where societies are subject to rapid technological change, the issue of privacy is often compromised. Along with privacy, concepts of fairness and justice to fall short as through data analysis significant assumptions are being made upon people’s lives. Those aspects that are considered private are also open for evaluation in the form of quantifiable data.

Many organizations and university that carry out the survey and use a large amount of data in order to make convincing assessments about people’s respective lives are now working towards creating a robust framework of a code of ethics.

On the basis of this code of ethics, the researches unanimously claim that they should employ the right tools and methodologies so that they can make effective deductions on people’s lives. Or to be more precise, these researchers strive to gear their values towards understanding how they shape their data collection and analytical tools and how far they conform to their ethical set of values.

Moreover, the emerging data practitioners and the leaders in researches claim that they should also revitalize their data collection processes. Rather than using data to further their own vested interest and leveraging it for their purpose, they should respect their findings. Furthermore, in order to compel society to connect the positive impacts of data innovation, they need to collaborate at different level seven if it means seeking support from policymakers and academia.

Apart from ethics, data security is another aspect to be considered. With over more than a hundred incidents of the data breach in the world, the storage, and data security are the areas to be worked on. Below are the 10 biggest breach incidents reported to date:


Therefore, with these codes of ethics, it is clear that once the data scientists get hold of the big data they have to handle it with care. Rather, they need to look at a look of ethical concerns before coming up with evaluations and the data storage should be very secure.

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