SAD Tech: Tech To Treat The Winter Blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder, shortened to SAD, affects an enormous demographic of one in five American adults. So what is it about the wintertime that makes us feel so, well, sad?

Call it what you will, from the winter blues to cabin fever, the precise cause of SAD is still unknown to doctors and scientists. However, working theories go on to suggest that the answer may lie in how light, and more particularly sunlight, affects us. During the winter months, the weather not only cools down but the days and hours of sunlight grow shorter as well. Much like plants need sunlight to grow, vitamin D is also essential for humans as receptors for vitamin D are present in nearly every cell of the body. Affecting our bone development, mineral absorption of other nutrients, and immune function, deficiency in vitamin D can lead to fatigue, frequent illness, and perhaps most interesting, depression.

Luckily, tech is on our side when it comes to seasonal depression management. Though there is still much to learn about this unique condition, what we do understand about nutrition, mental health, and physical well-being can help guide us towards a happier, and healthier, wintertime. Take a look at this infographic for more on managing symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, getting your energy back, and beating the winter blues for good.

Winter Blues SAD Tech
Source: Best Health Degrees

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