List of Free Online Data Science Courses

1.The Open Source Data Science Masters

2. Data Science Essentials- Microsoft

3. Harvard CS109 Data Science

4. Data Science Fundamentals IBM

5. Introduction to Data Science by Jeff Hammerbacher at UC, Berkeley

6. Introduction to Data Science @coursera

7. Learning from Data – California Institute of Technology 

8. Introduction to Data Science @UofWashington

9. Become a Data Scientist- Dataquest

10. Data Science Course @ColumbiaUni notes by @mathbabe

11. An Introduction to Data Science at Syracuse University ( pdf)

12. Applied Data Science: An Introduction @SyracuseUni

13. Data Science and Analytics at UCBerkeley

14. Process Mining: Data Science in Action @TUEindhoven

15. Learning from Data at California Institute of Technology

16. Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis @MIT

17. Data Analysis and Statistical Inference @DukeUni

18. Introduction to Data Wrangling at the School of Data

19. LeaRning Path on R – Step by Step Guide to Learn Data Science on R

20. Making Sense of Data @Google

21. Open intro to StatisticsII

22. Introduction to Data Mining @MIT

23. Mining Massive Datasets @Stanford

24. Pattern Discovery in Data Mining @UoIllinois

25. Python for Data Science

26. Data Science: R Basics- Harvard University