Uber may be the next big Tech Company breaking into the Healthcare Market

Healthcare is a very large business, and there are so many different tech companies that are getting into the healthcare industry based off of the requirements for the future in this industry. As one of the largest ridesharing companies in the world, Uber is also putting its name into the running for joining healthcare organizations that want to improve patient care.

Under the newest focus on the Uber Health program that was launched in March, healthcare organizations would be able to order rides directly for patients that are receiving care at their facilities. These would be specialty vehicles launched through their API that were ready to accept patients in various conditions.

Uber health and its differences:

Uber Health would be slightly different from the current Uber app. The idea would be to have healthcare facilities schedule rides for patients and caregivers ahead of time so that they could have access to the transportation they needed for follow-up care and rides to and from the facilities. The healthcare facilities could pay for rides as part of care, and the transportation options could be used to pick up patients, drop them off and even escort some of the people that they may want at their side while recovering.

Rides for healthcare facilities would work without having to order them through a smartphone. Rides could be coordinated through a text message or even a plan set up through landlines that could be available throughout a healthcare facility. Instead of a doctor pulling out a phone and ordering an uber for their patient, the entire system could be delivered in a much more effective manner.

Over 100 organizations across the United States are currently involved in the beta program for this new application. Uber Health sets to target some organizations within the healthcare industry as well. This could serve as an ideal solution for rehabilitation centers, senior care facilities and hospitals for handling transportation and cutting down on the cost of ambulances.


Uber could work at preventing individuals from having to take an ambulance or specialized form of transport if they are well enough to move from their procedure or travel to a healthcare facility. This could cut down on the overall cost of care and free up extra ambulances/ emergency vehicles for emergency care.

Uber health could have some incredible benefits for patients as well. In the senior care aspect of the healthcare industry, this can be incredibly beneficial for helping those that are in assisted living. Making sure that seniors can have improved mobility and that they can regain their independence even if they can no longer drive can be a great step in the right direction.

With over 3.6 million Americans missing doctors appointments because they don’t have reliable transportation, Uber could help with improving overall health by making sure that patients have access to the transportation they need as part of their cost of care.

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