Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is the science of decision making, where an agent learns to behave in a way which will yield them maximum reward.

Combining Deep and Reinforcement learning

Machine learning fundamentally involves learning from the data and making conclusions/decisions about a given problem. It utilizes the following popular approaches. Supervised learning: In supervised...
Artificial Intelligence Trends

How reinforcement learning can help in solving real-world problems?

Reinforcement Learning is a machine learning framework that enables an agent to evaluate the current environment, take optimal action, and get feedback from the...

Harnessing curiosity in Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is a specialized area of artificial intelligence where an algorithm applies independent and goal-oriented learning, based on rewards received from an environment....

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Artificial Intelligence – A Bitter-Sweet Symphony in Modelling

We have seen tremendous progress by artificial intelligence (AI) over the past decades. This progress, however, was not achieved steadily. There were significant ups...

Computer Machine Learning Techniques Aid Citizen Science Projects in Data Processing

Computer-based machine learning is becoming a significant part of citizen science projects. If we compared the situation ten years ago, the data scientists did...

Will Machine Learning Enable Time Travel?

Traveling in time has always been a dream of mankind. Imagine being able to experience ancient Rome first hand or to move back to...