Author: Sanskriti Dalmia

Sanskriti Dalmia
Sanskriti is currently pursuing her bachelor’s in Journalism, Psychology, and English and is enthusiastic about getting to know new people, uncovering their stories, and engaging with the atmosphere. She has an inclination towards news affairs, writing and teaching.

NVIDIA And King’s College London Uses Cambridge-1 To build AI Models To Generate Synthetic Brain Images

NVIDIA and King's College London have revealed new information about one of the first projects to be run on Cambridge-1, the UK's most powerful...

Using The Diffusion Model, Google AI Is Able To Generate High Fidelity Images That Are Indistinguishable From Real Ones

Using super-resolution diffusion models, Google's latest super-resolution research can generate realistic high-resolution images from low-resolution images, making it difficult for humans to distinguish between...

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