JupyterLab Desktop App Now Available: A Data Science Tool That Bundles A Python Environment With Python Libraries

The JupyterLab application is an independent cross-platform program that developers can use in data science workflows, like those found within scientific computing. The latest addition to the scientific computing and data science revolution, this desktop application bundles a Python environment with several popular libraries ready for use in your work. You can now download the JupyterLab installer for Linux, macOS and Windows from the GitHub page.

JupyterLab is a browser-based application that uses the open source framework Electron. It runs on top of it, providing access to Jupyter Lab’s front end code and libraries for executing Python programs in an embedded environment through conda – including numpy , scipy, pandas ipygidets, matplotlib among others.


The JupyterLab app has been updated with many new features. The most notable updates are a modernized user interface and quicker performance.

Github: https://github.com/jupyterlab/jupyterlab_app#download

Source: https://blog.jupyter.org/jupyterlab-desktop-app-now-available-b8b661b17e9a

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