Can Tech Help Fight Counterfeiting?

echnology has made it easier than ever to produce and sell counterfeit merchandise. There was a time when the only way to buy counterfeit merchandise was to find someone who sold it on the side of the road in a major city. These days online marketplaces, search engines, and apps make it easier than ever to find counterfeit items to buy, even though it may not always be apparent the items are counterfeit. 3D printing has also made it easier than ever to produce counterfeit items – plans can be downloaded online with little effort and fed into a machine that does all the work for you. With all this technology making it easy to produce and sell counterfeit merchandise, is there any tech that can help fight counterfeits?

Those same search engines that show shopping results for counterfeit merchandise can be constantly scanned for suspect items, and companies can flag those listings to be taken down or pursue further legal action when necessary. Reverse image searches on search engines use artificial intelligence to find not only the exact pictures a companyā€™s genuine merchandise may be listed under, but also similar images. Blockchain can also be used to establish a legitimate chain of custody for certain types of merchandise.

Learn how to fight counterfeits from the infographic below.

Cost of Counterfeits
Source: Best Choice Reviews