Have You Mastered The Art Of Delegation?

Small businesses take a lot of love to grow; entrepreneurs from every industry will be the first to tell you. In the beginning when money is tight and every week holds new surprises, being flexible and making do are just part of the job. But as any business naturally grows, amassing a team of competent employees becomes the key.

It may seem like a no-brainer to delegate tasks and responsibility, but in practice it isn’t always so simple. Especially for small business owners who know all the ins and outs of their operation, it can be easy to take on too much at once. Decision fatigue can have fatal consequences in the business world, in which every decision we make during our day makes the following decisions even harder. Eventually our constant decision making can devolve into reactionary rather than proactive. Once where it was essential for one person to do all the work, it becomes a roadblock for business growth.

How would you rate your powers of delegation? Take a look at this infographic from Scale Time for more on how to build your skills of delegation, prioritize your own time, and how to help others to maximize their potential.

Infographics Source: https://scaletime.co/business-systems/infographic/