Artificial Intelligence is Improving Schoolyard Safety

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A new piece of drone tracking technology is being developed to improve schoolyard safety. Across the UK more people are being captured on CCTV than ever before. It’s estimated that the average person is being captured around 300 times a day on CCTV.

The problem with closed-circuit television is that they often rely on people to monitor the results. New AI technology that’s attached to drones can examine footage and prevent incidents in areas like schoolyards before they occur.

AI learning technology has examined surveillance technology of fights in progress on schoolyard grounds. This Cambridge research has developed a drone-based surveillance system that uses UAVs with security cameras trained to recognize the signs of a fight or large gathering. Through deep learning artificial intelligence algorithms, the drones can identify troublemakers within a crowd and even help with alerting staff members when an incident occurs.

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Identifying students displaying aggressive behavior in real time can be a powerful tool for teachers and supervisors. The drone can alert the authorities and even contact teachers to prevent violent offenses from occurring. As the technology continues to learn, it can improve the distance at which the drone can monitor as well as the accuracy levels of behavior reading. As the AI begins to extract more data on the body’s posture and delivers consistent readings of aggressive behavior, incidents may be completely preventable on school grounds.

This type of technology could have other applications such as alerting the police during events like concerts and festivals. Keeping a better eye on the crowd can prevent violent action and injuries during large events or even large gatherings of crowds.

Of course, there are some ethical concerns about predictive policing and smart CCTV cameras. AI at least in its early stages should be used as a tool not to convict automatically, but to prescribe intervention.



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