The Market for Digital Health Applications

Digital health has an extremely bright future when it comes to the future of society, living and health care. As we are seeking a market for digital health in the future, it’s important to have an empowered view of technology in healthcare working towards a better future for us as world citizens. The market for digital health looks extremely promising, and it has been evolving since the 1950s.

The digital revolution in healthcare first got started with the use of electronics in the healthcare industry throughout the 1950s. As we have continued to adapt to modern computing, sequencing/testing and now big data solutions, we are simplifying the process of healthcare and improving conditions for patients worldwide.

Digital healthcare today means using the best in technology that’s available to us. This can be in everything related to sickness and disease prevention, work with healthcare data, encryption on medical records, patient monitoring, coordinating his medical professionals and more. The nature of digital health and its market is helping to improve the prognosis for many patients worldwide.

The global digital health market has a promising forecast for the future:

The current state of the market for 2018 is estimated at around $142 billion in total investment. These figures are set to rise considerably by the year 2020 with an expected investment for the market at over $206 billion.

The division for global digital health is something that occurs across several different forms of investment. This can often mean an investment of around 40% into mobile health, 23% into wireless health, 15% into Telehealth and then around 4% into electronic medical records improvements.

Around 3.2 billion mobile health application downloads took place in the year 2016, and the number of apps is set to increase in their development for the current year and beyond.

Job opportunities in Digital health:

Digital health is creating brand-new job opportunities as well. To be successful in digital health healthcare providers need to be able to invest in new opportunities. Job opportunities in digital health often mean managing the technology, developing new technology for the future and providing privacy to all who are in the healthcare industry.

Job opportunities in digital health include future positions as trainers, managers for digital health initiatives and developers.

On the development side, there are a number of positions required for individuals who will shape the future of mobile healthcare, data security in the healthcare industry and prevent future data breaches.

There are bound to be called within the IT job market for people that do have some medical experience. Applicants that have some soft skills or IT experience in the medical industry can also see a better chance of being hired.

What this ultimately leads to is digital health creating general qualifications that require individuals that have very well-rounded skill sets for the medical industry.

The market for digital health in the future does look bright, and this means that the nature of what is required to be a medical professional is changing alongside the innovative technology that they use every day.

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