Webinar List: AI/Machine Learning/ Deep Learning

Photo Credit: Unsplash.com

Here is the list of AI/Deep Learning/Machine Learning Webinar. We update this list on weekly basis.


  1. Webinar: Deep Learning Webinar (Cloudera) On Demand
  2. WebinarBusting the Deep Learning myth(Imaginea) Ended but watch recording
  3. Webinar: Intro to Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon) On Demand
  4. Webinar: When Machine Learning Meets Optimization, by FICO. (August 9 2018)
  5. Webinar: Getting Started with Machine Learning with scikit-learn, by Anaconda. (August 16 2018)
  6. Webinar: Production ML for Data Scientists: What You Can Do and How to Make it Easy, by ParallelM. (August 22, 2018)
  7. Webinar: Privacy & Security in AI Online, by RE.WORK.(August 29, 2018)


  1. Webinar: Accelerating Deep Learning with GPUs, by Anaconda. July 19, 2018 REGISTER NOW
  2. Webinar: Adding AI to the digital workplace ( Speaker: Jim Lundy, CEO @ Aragon Research) July 20, 2018   REGISTER NOW
  3. Webinar: Data Science in 30 Minutes: The Accidental Data Scientist, by The Data Incubator and Katrina Riehl, Director of Data Science for HomeAway.com. July 24, 2018 REGISTER NOW
  4. Webinar: Adversarial Machine Learning, by Ian Goodfellow and ACM. July 24, 2018 REGISTER NOW
  5. Webinar: How to Design a Data Lake With Business Impact in Mind, with TDWI analyst Philip Russom. July 24, 2018 REGISTER NOW
  6. Webinar: Demystifying Data Science Conference, a FREE Live Online Conference for Aspiring Data Scientists & Data-Curious Business Leaders. (Thisismetis) July 24-25, 2018 REGISTER NOW
  7. Webinar: Enhancing Anomaly and Fraud Detection through Text Analytics, (by Megaputer)  July 25, 2018 REGISTER NOW 
  8. Webinar: Make Your enterprise smarter with Business Applications Built on AI (By Edgeverve: am Infosys company) July 26, 2018  REGISTER NOW
  9. Webinar: Intro to Amazon Machine Learning (Amazon) On Demand REGISTER NOW
  10. Webinar: Deep Learning Webinar (Cloudera) On Demand REGISTER NOW
  11. Webinar:  Busting the Deep Learning myth(Imaginea) Ended but watch recording REGISTER NOW

Note: Please feel free to submit any new webinar links/details at [email protected]