PhD thesis in machine learning and image analysis methods development for cryo-electron microscopy

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • France

    Website IMPMC-UMR 7590 CNRS-Paris 6-Paris 7-IPGP-IRD

    Description of the subject


    The PhD thesis will be focused on machine learning and image analysis methods for studying conformational variability of biomolecular complexes by cryo-electron microscopy.


    The study of microbiology and microscopy in the field of microscopy.

    Presentation establishment and home laboratory


    The work will be performed at the Institute of Mineralogy, Materials Physics and Cosmochemistry (IMPMC-UMR 7590, Sorbonne University, 75005 Paris), joined research unit of the CNRS, the Sorbonne University, and the National Museum of History Natural, counting around 200 members. The IMPMC is a highly multidisciplinary laboratory, with teams composed of researchers, researchers-teachers, and engineers with different backgrounds (physics, Earth science, biology, chemistry, computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering, etc.). The study of the interaction between the living world and the mineral world, the study of interactions between the living world and the mineral world, 

    Candidate Profile

    – Strong background in Machine Learning, Image Processing, Computer Vision or related fields;

    – Strong programming skills;

    – Creative mind;

    – Interest in machine learning and image processing for life sciences.

    Deadline for application


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