Free AI Introductory Course For All

Course Overview

The Marktechpost AI Introductory Course is a basic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Intro Course comprised of four video lectures. This course will cover what AI is, how it works, and why AI is taking off now.

This course/training is for beginners who are interested in learning the basics of artificial intelligence and its applications.

Course Instructor:

Fabio Mardero is a data scientist from Italy. He graduated in physics and statistical and actuarial sciences. He is currently working at a well-known Italian insurance company as a data scientist and Non-Life technical provisions evaluator. 

Course Structure:

Throughout this course you will discover:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 
  • What AI can do? 
  • Why Now? 
  • How to use AI? 


Lecture 1: What is AI? [Lecture Video]

Lecture 2: What can AI do? [Lecture Video]

Lecture 3: Why Now? [Lecture Video]

Lecture 4: How to do it? [Lecture Video]

Full Course Playlist