21 Free Data Sets/ Projects for Data Science Beginners

We have listed below some of the best datasets/ projects for data science beginners. 1. Enron Emails: 

List Of Data Science Facebook Groups To Join in 2019

Here is the list of Facebook groups to join for Big Data/ Data Science International Data Science Study GroupData...

Top Artificial Intelligence Influencers To Follow in 2019

Yoshua Bengio: Yoshua BengioOCFRSC (born 1964 in Paris, France) is a Canadian computer scientist, most noted for his work on artificial neural networks and deep...

Top Machine Learning APIs That You Should Know

Here is a list of some of the important machine learning APIs for you to use. PREDICTION BASED

14 Great Articles To Read About TensorFlow

First Steps with TensorFlow: ToolkitGoogle + open-source = TensorFlow 9 Things You Should Know About TensorFlowDeep Learning with TensorFlow in Python TensorFlow Tutorial For...

5 Must Excel Add Ins​​ For Data Science Practice

Below is the list of five important Data Science practice add-ins used in Microsoft Excel. 1. Power Pivot: Power Pivot...

Becoming a Successful Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Skills Needed and Relevant Courses to take.

The ability of computers to learn and perform tasks is no longer the stuff of sci-fi movies. Artificial intelligence has become increasingly...

List of Free Online Data Science Courses

1.The Open Source Data Science Masters 2. Data Science Essentials- Microsoft 3. Harvard CS109 Data Science

List of Free Natural Language Processing Courses

1.Speech and Language Processing by Dan Jurafsky and James Martin 2. Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing by Richard Socher...

Top 20 Artificial Intelligence Articles in 2018

1-Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone