Author: K S Pavan Thimmaiah

K S Pavan Thimmaiah
Content Writing Consultant at Pavan is currently doing his Bachelor's in Journalism, English and Psychology. He is just another wanderer who loves writing quotes and going on long rides. He's also an aspiring journalist and a sports enthusiast.

Brit Introduces A Machine Learning Algorithm To Accelerate Post-Catastrophe Claims Response

Brit, a London-based specialty insurer and reinsurer, announced the construction and successful proof-of-concept launch of a unique machine-learning algorithm that uses ultra-high-resolution photography to...

Researchers at TUM Introduce A Machine Learning Method That can Learn Local Equilibria in Symmetric Auction Games Using Artificial Neural Networks

Computer scientists have been researching the prospect of applying game theory and (AI) artificial intelligence technologies to chess, the abstract strategic board game, and...

Facebook Apologizes After AI Labels Video of Black Men as ‘Primates’

After watching a video from a British tabloid showcasing Black guys, Facebook users received an automated alert asking if they wanted to "keep seeing...

Researchers from Technical University of Munich and Johns Hopkins University Introduce A Vision-Based Robotic System for 3D Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound imaging techniques have proven to be quite valuable for diagnosing a variety of illnesses, including peripheral artery disease (PAD). One of the most...

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