Marktechpost, LLC. offer the various types of advertisements and sponsorships on But we only allow ads related to tech products/companies.

In terms of audience, it’s mostly techies in AI and Data Science. Our platform is only focussed on AI and Data Science so the niche could be a good fit for your intended purpose.

You can see our stats here:

If you are interested in an advertisement or sponsorship then please email us with following details:

  1. Name/Details of the product/service that you want to advertise or promote
  2. How long do you want the campaign
  3. Do you just need a banner ad or you wish to do a sponsored post as well.
  4. What is your minimum and maximum budget for 30 days campaign.

Our email is [email protected] and please don’t forget to add this subject line in the email:

‘Related to Ad/Sponsorship-MARKTECHPOST’