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Google Gemini is a generative AI-powered collaborator from Google Cloud designed to enhance various tasks such as code explanation, infrastructure management, data analysis, and application development. Its features include text generation, error detection, security configuration, and resource management. Learning about Gemini’s functionalities is important because it can significantly improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy in diverse technical workflows, making it a valuable tool for professionals in the tech industry. This article lists the top courses on Gemini that provide comprehensive training on leveraging its capabilities to streamline tasks, improve workflows, and maximize the potential of Google Cloud services for professionals.

Introduction to Gemini for Google Workspace

This course defines Generative AI and understands its potential, challenges, and limitations. It outlines the main features in the Gemini Enterprise add-on. Through this course, you will learn how to use Gemini responsibly.

Gemini in Google Sheets

This course teaches how to use Gemini to create project plans and trackers. Edit prompts to create new versions of tables.

Gemini for Application Developers

This course teaches you how to use Gemini, a generative AI from Google Cloud, to aid in application development. You will learn to prompt Gemini for code explanations, service recommendations, and code generation, with hands-on labs demonstrating its workflow improvements.

Introduction to Gemini for Google Workspace

This course teaches you about Gemini, an AI add-on for Google Workspace, and its key features to boost productivity and efficiency. It includes videos, a document, and a quiz, and completing it earns you a badge to showcase your skills.

Google Gemini AI Course for Beginners

This beginner’s course provides an in-depth introduction to Google’s AI model and the Gemini API, covering AI basics, Large Language Models (LLMs), and obtaining an API key. It’s ideal for those looking to build AI chatbots or explore LLM potentials.

Gemini for Cloud Architects

This course teaches administrators how to use Gemini to provision infrastructure, deploy GKE clusters, and update existing setups. It includes videos, a lab, and a quiz to demonstrate how Gemini enhances the GKE deployment workflow.

Gemini for Data Scientists and Analysts

This course teaches you how to use Gemini to analyze customer data, predict product sales, and develop marketing strategies in BigQuery. It includes videos and hands-on labs to improve data analysis and machine learning workflows.

Gemini for Network Engineers

This course teaches network engineers to use Gemini to create, update, and maintain VPC networks. Through hands-on labs, you learn to prompt Gemini for specific networking guidance, enhancing your Google Cloud VPC workflows.

Develop GenAI Apps with Gemini and Streamlit

This course helps you earn the Develop GenAI Apps with Gemini and Streamlit badge by teaching text generation, function calls with Python SDK and Gemini API, and deploying a Streamlit app with Cloud Run. You will prompt Gemini for text generation, test it in Cloud Shell, and deploy it using Docker and Cloud Run.

Gemini for Security Engineers

This course teaches you how to use Gemini to secure your cloud environment. You will deploy workloads, identify and remediate security misconfigurations with Gemini, and experience its benefits through hands-on labs.

Gemini for DevOps Engineers

This course teaches engineers to use Gemini to manage infrastructure. You will learn to prompt Gemini for application logs, create a GKE cluster, and explore build environments, with hands-on labs enhancing the DevOps workflow.

Gemini for end-to-end SDLC

This course teaches you how to use Gemini with Google products and services to develop, test, deploy, and manage applications. Through hands-on labs, you learn to build web applications, fix errors, develop tests, and query data, enhancing the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

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