Top Generative Artificial Intelligence AI Courses in 2024

In recent years, generative AI has surged in popularity, transforming fields like text generation, image creation, and code development. Its ability to automate and enhance creative tasks makes it a valuable skill for professionals across industries. Learning generative AI is crucial for staying competitive and leveraging the technology’s potential to innovate and improve efficiency. This article lists the top generative AI courses that provide comprehensive training to help you master this technology, enhance your professional skill set, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving job market.

Introduction to Generative AI Learning Path Specialization

This course offers a comprehensive introduction to generative AI, covering large language models (LLMs), their applications, and ethical considerations. The learning path comprises three courses: Generative AI, Large Language Models, and Responsible AI.

Generative AI for Everyone

This course provides a unique perspective on using generative AI. It covers how generative AI works, its applications, and its limitations, with hands-on exercises for practical use and effective prompt engineering. It aims to empower everyone to participate in an AI-powered future.

Introduction to Generative AI

This beginner-friendly course provides a solid foundation in generative AI, covering concepts, effective prompting, and major models. It includes hands-on examples and practical exercises and explores use cases across various domains like text, images, and code.

Generative AI with Large Language Models

This course teaches the fundamentals of generative AI with large language models (LLMs), including their lifecycle, transformer architecture, and optimization. It covers training, tuning, and deploying LLMs with practical insights from industry experts.

Generative AI Fundamentals Specialization

This specialization offers a comprehensive introduction to generative AI, covering models like GPT and DALL-E, prompt engineering, and ethical considerations. It includes five self-paced courses with hands-on labs and projects using tools like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and IBM

Generative AI for Data Scientists Specialization

This specialization by IBM is designed for data professionals to learn generative AI, including prompt engineering and applying AI tools in data science. It features hands-on projects like text, image, and code generation, as well as creating prediction models.

Generative AI for Data Analysts Specialization

This specialization covers generative AI use cases, models, and tools for text, code, image, audio, and video generation. It includes prompt engineering techniques, ethical considerations, and hands-on labs using tools like IBM Watsonx and GPT. Suitable for beginners, it offers practical projects to apply AI concepts in real-world scenarios.

Generative AI for Software Developers Specialization

This IBM specialization teaches software developers to leverage generative AI for writing high-quality code, enhancing productivity and efficiency. It includes three self-paced courses covering generative AI basics, prompt engineering, and tools like GitHub Co-pilot and ChatGPT, with hands-on projects to apply skills in real-world scenarios.

IBM: Developing Generative AI Applications with Python

This course teaches generative AI modeling through hands-on projects using Python, Flask, Gradio, and frameworks like Langchain. You’ll build applications with LLMs like GPT-3 and Llama 2 and explore retrieval-augmented generation and voice-enabled chatbots.

AI: Generative AI and LLMs on AWS

This course teaches deploying generative AI models like GPT on AWS through hands-on labs, covering architecture selection, cost optimization, monitoring, CI/CD pipelines, and compliance. It is ideal for ML engineers, data scientists, and technical leaders, providing real-world training for production-ready generative AI using Amazon Bedrock and cloud-native services.

Using GenAI to Automate Software Development Tasks

This course teaches how to streamline development workflows with generative AI, use AI pair programming tools like CodeWhisperer, master prompt engineering, and understand the role of Rust and Python in MLOps. It includes hands-on experience with AWS services like Code Catalyst, SageMaker, and Lightsail.

AI Prompt Engineering for Beginners

This course focuses on prompt engineering for AI language tools like ChatGPT. It offers hands-on practice and guidance to frame effective prompts.

Generative AI for Business Leaders

This course equips business leaders with essential knowledge of generative AI and its tools to adapt and implement this transformative technology. By the end, you’ll understand how generative AI can revolutionize business operations and gain the skills needed for successful implementation.

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