Are You a Startup Struggling with UI/UX For Production? Meet CodeParrot: An AI-Powered Tool that Transforms Figma Files to Production Ready Code

Developers spend much of their time and effort trying to make attractive products and websites. Users’ expectations have never been greater with all the available products and websites.

Meet CodeParrot AI, an AI-powered startup with super cool AI tools designers and developers can use to make coding easier. The main purpose of this application is to streamline the process of building web parts by translating Figma Design into components for React, Vue, and Angular. Coders can streamline their frontend work with CodeParrot. It takes Figma design files and uses Large Language Models to create Frontend Components ready for production.

How does CodeParrot transform Figma Design into React, Vue, or Angular components?

CodeParrot simplifies the process of transforming Figma Design into code components for React, Vue, or Angular. All it takes is providing CodeParrot with the URL of your Figma file, and it will automatically generate the necessary code components. It’s that easy!

Features of CodeParrot

One of the major benefits of CodeParrot is its ability to import Figma files and generate code from those URLs. This feature allows users to instantly convert their designs into usable code. Additionally, CodeParrot’s AI-powered task allocation feature can handle tedious tasks such as writing tests, refactoring, or business logic, freeing up developers’ time. Its contextual search feature uses AI to provide solutions to emerging mistakes, reducing the time spent on troubleshooting.

No modifications or adaptations are necessary because the CodeParrot tool ensures the resulting code uses pre-existing components, libraries, and coding standards. Also, by doing away with the necessity to toggle between the integrated development environment (IDE) and the design platform, its vscode extension improves the user experience by allowing continuous, uninterrupted working.

Users can produce the required code by browsing their Figma components and clicking the “submit” button. CodeParrot was created by a group of engineers looking for a way to fix their own issues, so they combined their technical knowledge with personal experience of coding difficulties.


CodeParrot helps developers concentrate on essential features by drastically cutting down development time. Bugs will be fixed more easily in the future because the code is designed to be easily maintained. CodeParrot may be easily integrated with well-known technology stacks like React and Vue.js to facilitate a seamless workflow.