Weekly Artificial Intelligence AI Webinars Alert (June 10-16, 2024): LLMs, RAG, Web Apps, AWS, GPT-4o, and many more…

Stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence with our curated selection of webinars this week. Explore the latest advancements in machine learning and large language models (LLMs), and discover their practical applications across various industries. These sessions offer valuable insights and expert knowledge. Don’t miss out on these opportunities to learn, network, and stay informed.

Building and Optimizing RAG Pipelines: Data Preprocessing, Embeddings, and Evaluation with ZenML: ZenML [June 12, 2024]

Graph Hunter – Episode 2 – Frameworks of the Mind: ArangoDB [June 13, 2024]

Optimizing your architecture for AI innovation: Domino Data Lab [June 18, 2024]

Can LLMs understand how people use web apps?: ATLAS [June 11, 2024]

Ask DoiT Anything: Implementing LLMs on AWS [June 10, 2024]

WEBINAR “Secure LLM App Deployments—Strategies and Tactics” [June 12, 2024]

Creating AI Assistants with GPT-4o: Datacamp [June 11, 2024]

Build Your First AI Employee – Live Workshop [June 13, 2024]

Empowering Domain Experts: Building Easy-to-Use Online Modeling Tools [June 20, 2024]

If you’d like to have your webinars featured in our upcoming articles, please reach out to us via email at asif@marktechpost.com

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