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Top AI Tools for Graphic Designers

Artificial intelligence (AI) graphic design tools are changing the game for designers by giving them new ways to create, tweak, and improve their work. These tools enhance your creative productivity and make high-quality graphic design more accessible. They automate repetitive activities like background removal and font pairing and generate unique, personalized pictures—indeed, even for those who aren’t trained designers. 

Plus, AI graphic design tools’ creative potential is unlimited; designers and non-designers alike can freely experiment with many styles and mediums without constraint. 

Below are the top artificial intelligence tools that graphic designers can use.


Midjourney has quickly become a popular artificial intelligence design tool thanks to its intuitive UI and robust features. It is a great option for graphic artists of all skill levels since it mixes machine-learning techniques with user-friendly design tools. The capacity to monitor design trends is a standout feature of Midjourney, allowing users to produce visually appealing and timely visuals.

Jasper Art

The AI-driven graphic design tool Jasper Art can generate one-of-a-kind graphics in seconds in response to human input. Its unique selling point is its reliance on machine learning to comprehend user preferences. Through the designer’s interactions with the tool, Jasper Art learns the designer’s preferences, style, and frequently used elements, allowing it to gradually adjust its suggestions to match the designer’s distinct aesthetic.


With its comprehensive AI design platform, Designs.ai provides various solutions for all your graphic design needs. From logo design to social media graphics and presentations, Designs.ai has you covered for whatever design project you can think of. The platform uses AI to study design trends to ensure that the generated graphics are aesthetically pleasing and in sync with current aesthetics.

Adobe Sensei

One of Adobe’s recent ventures into incorporating artificial intelligence into its well-known design tools is Adobe Sensei. Sensei, an AI-powered assistant, is integral to numerous Adobe products like Photoshop and Illustrator and enhances the company’s current tools. Sensei can automate several mundane operations and provide intelligent recommendations. By analyzing designers’ work patterns, Sensei may make intelligent recommendations to better the creative process, leading to a considerable boost in designers’ productivity.


Uizard, an AI-driven design platform, can transform user interface (UI) wireframes into completely functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. This tool aims to help designers go from conception to execution more efficiently by eliminating the need for tedious manual labor.


One of the most remarkable feature of Fotor’s AI graphic design application is its capacity to provide design concepts based on user input. To streamline the design process, Fotor’s AI can analyze the design’s content and context and then suggest fonts, layouts, and other components.


If a user enters a starting color into Khroma, the app automatically generates several complementary hues to round out the palette. To develop aesthetically pleasing and harmonious combinations, Khroma’s AI algorithms consider elements like color theory and current design trends. This tool can be a lifesaver if a designer is seeking ideas or has trouble settling on a color palette.


With machine learning algorithms, AutoDraw is a robust AI graphic design program that allows users to effortlessly and rapidly produce professional illustrations. The AutoDraw website, created by Google, provides users with a range of pre-drawn images that they can alter and personalize according to their requirements.


With Visma’s sophisticated AI-powered capabilities, which include intelligent color recommendations and automated layout adjustments, users are free to concentrate on content and communications. Regardless of design expertise, any user can use Visme’s extensive library of pre-designed templates and a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface to generate high-quality infographics, charts, and diagrams.


Fontjoy is an AI-powered visual design tool that creates personalized font sets according to user tastes. Fontjoy applies machine learning algorithms to a user’s font selections, generating comparable fonts to create a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing design.

DeepArt Effects

Designers can effortlessly create eye-catching visuals using DeepArt Effects in the style of well-known art movements like surrealism, cubism, and Impressionism by facilitating the rapid production of stunning, personalized artwork.


With little to no human intervention, Looka (formerly Logojoy) can generate professional-grade, personalized logos. If you are looking for a logo that represents your brand well, Looka can create one by analyzing user preferences with AI. After entering your company’s name and industry, choose the ideal logo design, color scheme, and symbol. 


To save designers the laborious process of manually eliminating backgrounds from photos, Remove.bg is a top artificial intelligence graphic design application. When you upload an image to Remove.bg, it will detect the topic of the shot and automatically crop off the background. Completely unrelated to technology. 


The user-friendly and widely used Canva platform allows users to design various visual content, including posters, brochures, social media postings, and presentations. Its intuitive design, big bank of free images, and pre-made designs make it a breeze to use.


Developed by stability.ai, DreamStudio is a text-to-image generator that uses stable diffusion to generate visually appealing results while reducing the amount of energy required. Users can get a high-quality image in under three seconds using one of several available themes and styles (such as photorealistic, comic book, gothic, art deco, etc.). You can upload, enhance, or edit your own photographs.

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