Mistral AI Releases Codestral: An Open-Weight Generative AI Model for Code Generation Tasks and Trained on 80+ Programming Languages, Including Python

The Mistral AI Team has announced the release of its groundbreaking code generation model, Codestral-22B. This contributes toward a new direction and benchmark of AI for software development. Codestral empowers developers by enhancing their coding capabilities and streamlining the development process.

Codestral is an open-weight generative AI model explicitly crafted for code generation tasks. It supports over 80 programming languages, including popular ones like Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, and Bash, as well as more specialized languages like Swift and Fortran. This extensive language base ensures that Codestral can be an invaluable tool across diverse coding environments and projects. The model assists developers by completing coding functions, writing tests, and filling in partial code, significantly reducing the risk of errors and bugs.

As a 22B model, Codestral sets a new benchmark in performance and latency for code generation, surpassing previous models in similar tasks. It features a larger context window of 32k, outperforming other models in long-range evaluations like RepoBench. Codestral’s prowess is demonstrated across several benchmarks:

  • Python: Evaluated using HumanEval pass@1, MBPP sanitized pass@1, CruxEval, and RepoBench EM, showcasing superior code generation and repository-level completion.
  • SQL: Assessed with the Spider benchmark for robust SQL code generation.
  • Additional Languages: Performance tested across six other languages (C++, Bash, Java, PHP, Typescript, and C#) using multiple HumanEval pass@1 evaluations.
  • Fill-In-the-Middle (FIM): Benchmarked against DeepSeek Coder 33B, Codestral completes code snippets within Python, JavaScript, and Java environments.

Codestral is available for download under the Mistral AI Non-Production License for research and testing purposes and can be accessed via HuggingFace. The release also includes a dedicated endpoint, codestral.mistral.ai, optimized for IDE integrations and accessible through a personal API key. This endpoint is free during an 8-week beta period, managed via a waitlist to ensure quality service.

Developers can also utilize Codestral through Mistral’s main API endpoint at api.mistral.ai. It is suitable for research, batch queries, and third-party applications. Codestral is included in Mistral’s self-deployment offering for those interested in self-deployment.

Mistral AI has collaborated with community partners to integrate Codestral into popular development tools and frameworks, enhancing productivity and AI application development. Key integrations include:

  • Application Frameworks: Integration with LlamaIndex and LangChain allows for creating agentic applications using Codestral.
  • VSCode/JetBrains: Plugins, like Continue.dev and Tabnine enable developers to leverage Codestral within their preferred IDEs, offering features like code generation, interactive conversation, and inline editing.

The developer community has responded positively to Codestral, highlighting its speed, quality, and integration capabilities:

  • Nate Sesti, CTO of Continue.dev, praises its unprecedented combination of speed and quality.
  • Vladislav Tankov, Head of JetBrains AI, commends its focus on development assistance.
  • Mikhail Evtikhiev, JetBrains Researcher, notes Codestral’s superior performance in benchmarks.
  • Meital Zilberstein, R&D Lead at Tabnine, emphasizes its efficiency and high-quality results.
  • Quinn Slack, CEO of Sourcegraph, and Jerry Liu, CEO of LlamaIndex, highlight the model’s impressive accuracy and functional code generation.
  • Harrison Chase, CEO of LangChain, is excited about Codestral’s potential for fast, self-corrective code generation workflows.

In conclusion, the release of Codestral-22B by Mistral AI will contribute greatly to AI-driven code generation. It offers a powerful tool for developers across various programming environments. With its extensive language support, high performance, and robust integrations, Codestral is poised to become an essential asset for software development teams.

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