Top AI Email Assistants in 2024

Artificial intelligence email assistants have made writing an email quicker and easier. Automatic task completion, message prioritization, and prompt, insightful answers are just how AI email assistants may ease the burden of managing your inbox. As a result, users can direct their attention to the most pressing emails and get more done in less time. Automated email helpers powered by AI may also write and send messages on your behalf.

People from many walks of life—from harried office workers and company owners to sole proprietors and students—use artificial intelligence and email helpers. AI email assistants are a great way for professionals with full schedules to stay on top of their inboxes and avoid missing crucial messages. AI email assistants are a time- and labor-saving tool for entrepreneurs and company owners. Using an AI email assistant is a great way for students to keep organized and in touch with their professors.

In this article, we’ll contrast some popular AI email assistants. 


SaneBox’s A.I. identifies important emails and automatically organizes the rest to help you stay focused. SaneBox utilizes intelligent AI algorithms to analyze your email behavior. It learns from your past interactions to identify important emails, declutters your inbox by moving less important messages into a separate folder, and aggregates newsletters and social media notifications in another. In essence, it turns chaos into order, streamlining your digital correspondence.


Boost your Gmail productivity with AI and powerful automation tools.  InboxPro is an all-in-one solution that helps you close more sales and improve customer support


Lavender is an AI-powered email assistant that has already helped thousands of retailers across the globe improve the quality and speed with which they respond to customers through email. Lavender is not a public advertising firm but rather a private one. It’s able to function and enhance the website because of cookies. Cookies allow the site’s fundamental functionality, such as logging in securely or customizing your consent settings. Features like social media sharing, feedback collections, and other third-party integrations rely on functional cookies to function properly. Analytical cookies collect data on variables like the number of visits, the bounce rate, the traffic source, and more to gain insight into the behavior of website users.


Missive is an intelligent email helper with several useful tools for keeping teams well-organized. Recently, it has made it possible to include OpenAI’s GPT technology. This allows Missive to translate messages or modify the tone of an email without the user having to leave the app, depending on the interaction context. Users may also use prompts to tailor the AI code to their requirements. Improving the quality of contact with customers is a primary goal of this integration, partly achieved by feeding the AI company-specific data to enhance its capacity to provide appropriate replies.


Superflows is an AI-powered email assistant that helps customers deal with their inboxes faster by offering pre-written, contextually-relevant responses that can be accessed with a single click. Intelligently created responses to incoming emails include calendar links and other pertinent information for personalization. This allows users to quickly react to emails without copying and pasting data from other sources.


The Superhuman interface’s intuitive and quick nature is largely due to its numerous time-saving features, such as keyboard shortcuts and robust search capabilities. Superhuman’s innovative AI-powered inbox organization function is a game-changer for busy professionals. Its AI engine learns which messages are most important to the user and prioritizes displaying them at the front of the inbox. The company also provides individual coaching and training to ensure that each user gets the most out of their time with Superhuman.


Emails may be responded to in various ways, giving users more leeway in making the best choice possible. Scribbly is an AI-powered email assistant that helps busy professionals save time and communicate more effectively by suggesting relevant material based on the email’s context. With Scribbly’s email drafting feature, users may either offer the email assistant some information to write an email on their behalf or choose an intention that best symbolizes how they wish to reply to the email.


Tugan is an artificial intelligence-based email assistant that companies may use to send informative and promotional messages. Based on the provided URL or topic, Tugan uses AI to generate emails customized to the firm’s specific interests and needs. The recipients may then choose and transmit the messages they enjoyed the best. Professionals, authors, and content producers with limited time will benefit the most from this email helper. Tugan is a newer email helper still in beta compared to others on the market. Plans include the ability to Generate emails in the manner of your favorite business gurus and the production of ad text for Facebook and YouTube.

AI Mailer

AI Mailer makes sending high-quality, tailored emails easy for companies and professionals. It employs GPT and NLP tech to generate customized, timely replies to consumer emails and develop content aware of its context. With its adaptable interface and built-in compatibility for several languages, it’s designed for ease of use. Students and professionals may use it to enhance their email communication, and customer service teams can use it to speed up responses and customize client interactions.


Nanonets has released an advanced LLM-based email writer suited for business communication. Businesses that seek to improve their conversion rates via targeted email marketing should use this tool. It allows for sending highly customized emails in large-scale sales and marketing email campaigns and boasts excellent email quality and support for every possible use case. Companies may automate the email writing process using Nanonets’ email writer to guarantee high-quality, customized emails that connect with consumers. 


Using sophisticated natural language processing, Flowrite, an AI-powered writing helper, can produce high-quality email content in seconds. The fact that it can make human-sounding, tailored email content is its main selling feature. is an artificial intelligence copywriting tool that employs cutting-edge natural language processing to aid businesses in writing engaging email copy that reaches their intended audience. The fact that it can produce original and interesting email content in a matter of seconds, all while maintaining a genuine, conversational tone, is its main selling point.


The artificial intelligence AI) behind Phrasee makes writing engaging subject lines and body text for marketing emails easy. Its USP is that it uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to evaluate audience behavior and reaction and then optimizes email campaigns for maximum engagement and conversion.


Crystal is an AI-driven writing helper that uses NLP to produce engaging email messages. Data-driven insights are used to create content specific to the recipient’s personality and preferred method of communication, making the message more relevant and enticing.

BEE Pro 

BEE Pro, an AI-powered email design tool, employs natural language processing to create aesthetically appealing and interesting email content. Its main selling point is that it allows businesses to cheaply and quickly send large numbers of professionally designed emails without needing in-house designers or expensive outsourcing.


Sender is an email marketing platform using AI and NLP to improve user click-through and conversion rates. Its powerful machine learning techniques to evaluate user behavior and reaction make it stand out from the competition and streamline every stage of the email marketing process, from concept to delivery to analysis.


The Persado platform is an AI-driven copywriting tool that employs natural language generation to write effective email newsletters. Its USP is that it uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to evaluate audience behavior and reaction and produce content that connects with the target audience, hence optimizing email campaigns for maximum engagement and conversion.


Automizy is an artificial intelligence AI-driven email marketing platform that uses NLP to automate the email marketing process. Its USP is that it uses data-driven insights and sophisticated machine learning algorithms to optimize email campaigns for optimum engagement and conversion, therefore delivering highly relevant and tailored content to the intended audience.


Polymail is an automated email marketing tool using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. Its competitive edge is that it can produce customized and relevant email content using sophisticated machine learning algorithms to study audience behavior and reaction.

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