Top AI Tools Enhancing Fraud Detection and Financial Forecasting

Discover the best AI Fraud Prevention Tools and Software for detecting payment fraud, identifying identity theft, preventing insurance fraud, addressing cybersecurity threats, combating e-commerce fraud, and reducing banking and financial fraud.


Greip is an AI-powered fraud protection tool that assists developers in protecting their app’s financial security by avoiding payment fraud. Greip provides an AI-powered fraud protection solution that utilizes ML modules to validate each transaction in an app and assess the possibility of fraudulent behavior. The tool also incorporates IP geolocation information, which enhances the user experience by tailoring website content to the visitor’s location and language. Greip detects and defends against anonymous visits while also ensuring that website visitors do not utilize VPNs/proxy services that can be used for fraudulent purposes.


SHIELD is a device-first fraud prevention and risk intelligence product that utilizes AI technologies and cutting-edge device fingerprinting. Its major goal is to help internet businesses battle fraud, develop trust, and accelerate growth. The platform includes multiple solutions to handle various elements of fraud protection, such as Device Intelligence, AdShield, and Compliance AI. 


SEON is an artificial intelligence fraud protection platform that uses real-time digital, social, phone, email, IP, and device data to improve risk judgments.


CorgiAI is a fraud detection and prevention tool designed to increase income and reduce losses due to fraud. It is based on adjustable and explainable AI technology. The technology provides automated, improved machine-learning techniques for fraud identification and proactive enforcement to reduce fraud and block rates. CorgiAI enables organizations to customize fraud prevention to their requirements, using ML models tailored to their market and area.’s AI and Machine Learning Models use deep learning, neural networks, and data science methodologies to improve insights for various industries, including financial services, e-commerce, travel and hospitality, insurance, etc. The tool provides multiple business solutions, including application AI, transaction AI, identification services, and monitoring services. Application AI and Transaction AI can assist organizations in detecting fraud in their application processes. In contrast, Identity Services offer verification capabilities such as address verification, identity verification, IP verification, and phone verification.

Additionally, AI-powered financial planning and forecasting tools transform how firms manage resources and make long-term choices. A financial forecasting tool allows you to estimate how well your company will perform financially in the future. This allows you to use your money to build your business, make sound financial decisions, and maintain a sufficient cash reserve. Here are top 5 AI powered Financial forecasting and analytics tools:


Datarails enable you to streamline, evaluate, and project revenue and expenses throughout your firm, allowing you to create business projections. Furthermore, Datarails’ AI chatbot FP&A Genius aids forecasting by providing solutions to any queries or scenarios you or management may have, all based on reliable and historical data. 


Planful is a cloud-based FP&A platform that aims to help firms streamline their financial operations and make smarter decisions. Its initial AI algorithm is designed to detect errors in data, calculations, and financial predictions. Projections represent the next level in Planful’s AI adoption. They extend Predict’s capability by making forecasts based on historical data.


Fina is a finance management solution that allows users to track and evaluate their accounts using their preferred techniques. Fina will enable users to make bespoke computations based on their requirements or rely on AI to answer any financial inquiry and track any parameter. Fina uses artificial intelligence to help consumers make informed decisions about their financial prospects. Fina also uses AI-based analytics to give users insights and recommendations for improving their financial strategy.

Fynt AI

Fynt AI is an AI automation solution developed primarily for corporate finance departments. This application seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including business bank accounts, ERPs, accounting software, and spreadsheets. It intends to automate decision-making, reconciliation, and other financial operations. The solution takes advantage of GPT technology to provide AI-powered insights and search capabilities for financial data.


Domo enables financial teams to construct unified dashboards with real-time data integration, drawing on various sources to inform decision-making. They automate insights using business intelligence (BI), analytics, and low-code and pro-code applications. Domo, using AI-generated insights such as accessible dashboards and reporting, may assist businesses in understanding how data changes affect overall outcomes daily.

Dhanshree Shenwai is a Computer Science Engineer and has a good experience in FinTech companies covering Financial, Cards & Payments and Banking domain with keen interest in applications of AI. She is enthusiastic about exploring new technologies and advancements in today’s evolving world making everyone's life easy.

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