Top Power BI Books to Read in 2024

Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) tool developed by Microsoft for creating dashboards and reports. It supports integrations with a wide range of data sources and allows users to perform complex transformations using Power Query and create compelling visualizations with the help of DAX measures. As such, thousands of organizations use this tool as a BI tool. This article lists the top Power BI books one should read in 2024 to deepen their understanding of the tool and leverage it to facilitate informed decision-making.

Learn Power BI

This book goes through the fundamentals of business intelligence projects, covering the latest features of Power BI. It is a comprehensive guide for beginners to learn real-world business intelligence and shows how to use the tool to deliver powerful insights.

Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide

This book is a beginner’s guide to data modeling, visualization, and storytelling. It helps build accurate analytical models, reports, and dashboards, covering concepts like navigator buttons, column-level security, etc.

Microsoft Power BI For Dummies

“Microsoft Power BI For Dummies” guides how to apply the Power BI platform to explore data sources, build data models, visualize the results, and create action-inspiring reports. The book also covers some advanced functions, like accessing data with DAX and app integrations.

Mastering Microsoft Power BI

“Mastering Microsoft Power BI” is ideal for professionals looking to master the tool for their visualization and dashboarding needs. The book provides an advanced understanding of the same and helps the readers get the most out of it with real-world use cases.

Learning Microsoft Power BI

“Learning Microsoft Power BI” is a beginner’s guide to using Power BI to create effective reports and dashboards. The author demonstrates how to use the tool to work with large and complex datasets and create environments for sharing reports.

Power BI for the Excel Analyst

“Power BI for the Excel Analyst” is a beginner’s guide to getting started with Power BI. It is aimed at Excel users and helps them familiarize themselves with the tool, covering Power Query and Power Pivot.

The Definitive Guide to DAX

As the name suggests, this book is a guide to the DAX language for data modeling and analytics. It covers how to master the core DAX concepts and work efficiently with basic and advanced table functions. The book also explains the ways the data model and DAX measures can be optimized.

Extreme DAX

This book helps readers deepen their understanding of DAX functions, filters, and measures. It first teaches the principles of business intelligence and good model design and then moves on to detailed examples of DAX in scenarios like inventory calculations, forecasting, intercompany business, and data security.

Master Your Data with Power Query in Excel and Power BI

This book covers how to leverage Power Query to transform existing task flows. It covers the basic functionalities of Power Query and also demonstrates how to use the M language to take the same to new levels.

Expert Data Modeling with Power BI

This book teaches the various data modeling techniques to help take Power BI reports to the next level. The author also explores the best practices for data preparation and modeling to effectively solve a variety of real-world problems.

Microsoft Power BI Dashboards Step-by-Step

This book guides on how to build effective dashboards in Power BI. The book provides numerous examples and code to develop rich, live dashboards to monitor crucial data. It also shows how to aggregate data from various internal and external data sources.

Microsoft Power BI Cookbook

“Microsoft Power BI Cookbook” helps gain expertise in the tool with more than 90 recipes, tips, and use cases. The book has been updated with topics like query optimization, aggregation tables, Power BI API, and paginated reports. It also guides on how to implement custom solutions with M and DAX languages.

Extending Power BI with Python and R

This book is a guide to using programming languages like Python and R to perform advanced analysis in Power BI. It covers how to create any desired visualization using these languages and enriches the dashboard with machine-learning models.

Collect, Combine, and Transform Data Using Power Query in Excel and Power BI

This book guides how to improve productivity by automating the process of data preparation, cleaning, and analysis. It covers Power Query and how it can be leveraged to tackle common data challenges with just simple mouse clicks and lightweight formula editing.

The Definitive Guide to Power Query (M)

This book teaches how to use Power Query and its M language for better data modeling. It covers the fundamentals as well as the advanced Power Query concepts and provides numerous practical examples based on real-world problems to get hands-on experience.

Supercharge Power BI

“Supercharge Power BI” suits data analysts and SQL users who want to use Power BI as a reporting tool. This book covers how to use DAX to take reports to the next level and how to optimize and tune Power BI for better performance. The book also has DAX equivalents to SQL problem/solution scenarios.

Pro Power BI Architecture

“Pro Power BI Architecture” guides on how to architect and deploy reliable and easy-to-maintain Power BI reporting solutions. The book covers topics like dataflows, shared datasets, composite models, DirectQuery connections, and more. It explains each tool component and its role within the larger Power BI architecture.

Artificial Intelligence with Microsoft Power BI

This book covers how to incorporate artificial intelligence in Power BI. It shows how the tool can be used to build a good data model for AI and how to develop and train machine learning models in Azure for consumption in Power BI.

Storytelling with Data

“Storytelling with Data” is a data visualization guide for business professionals. It helps build confidence to create graphs and visualizations capable of inspiring actions. The book has numerous real-world examples with step-by-step explanations, allowing readers to gain hands-on experience.

The Big Book of Dashboards

This book is based on different industrial scenarios and offers practical and effective visualization examples. The book talks about the tools and models that are needed to produce informative dashboards.

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