Meet CopilotKit: An Open-Source Copilot Platform for Seamless AI Integration in Any Application

What is CopilotKit?

CopilotKit is an open-source framework designed to facilitate the integration of AI into applications. With 4.4k+💫Git Stars, it has received great appreciation within the open-source community. It helps to create custom AI copilots, including in-app AI chatbots and agents capable of interacting dynamically with the application’s environment. The framework is built to streamline integrating AI by handling complex aspects like app context awareness and interaction. 

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Challenges Resolved Through CopilotKit 

Here are the four challenges of many that CopilotKit helps with:

Components of CopilotKit
The CopilotKit offers many components that you can use for your applications. It has native support for LangChain, LangGraph, and LangServe and also provides built-in native UI/UX components that you can use as part of your applications:

  • CopilotChat: This tool enables the building of app-aware AI chatbots that can interact with the app’s frontend and backend, as well as third-party services.
  • CopilotTextarea: It acts as a drop-in replacement for any ‘<textarea/>’ and offers AI-assisted text generation and editing.
  • In-App Agents: CopilotKit allows real-time context access to applications and lets agents take action within applications.
  • Co-Agents: It will soon be released and can enable end-users to intervene and restart agent operations if needed.
  • Purpose-specific LLM chains: It customizes the language model chains for specific applications.
  • Built-in UI Components: It also Includes components like ‘CopilotSidebar’ and ‘CopilotPopup’ for UI customization.

How does CopilotKit work? 

Let’s look at key points about how CopilotKit works: 

  1. Framework-first: a framework for connecting every component of your application to the copilot engine. 
  2. The copilot engine: Receives the user request,  pulls in the relevant application context, formats it for the LLM, then initiates in-app action on the user’s behalf.  Integrates deeply with the front and backend. 
  3. AI Components: customizable & headless UI components for native AI features: chatbots, AI agents & AI-powered textareas. 
  4. Generative UI:  custom interactive user interfaces rendered inside the chat, rendered alongside AI-initiated actions.
  5. In-app agents: bring LangChain agents as interactive components of the application. They can see realtime application context, and initiate action inside the application.
  6. Copilot Cloud: turnkey cloud services for scaling and productionizing copilots: copilot memory & chat histories,  guardrails, self-learning (the copilot gets smarter with use)
  7. Simplicity in Integration: CopilotKit integration into existing app infrastructures is facilitated through simple entry points, making applications with advanced AI functionalities easy to use.

Use Case: CoPilotKit Presentation Creator 

Let’s build something cool using CopilotKit, a text-to-powerpoint creator application. 

We have to fulfill some prerequisites before proceeding further:

Now, Let’s follow the essential steps to get the desired app for slide creation through the following steps:

git clone
  • Navigate to the cloned repo and install the packages:
npm install 
  • Create a “.env.local” file in the root directory of the project and mention the two API keys obtained in the prerequisite part:
TAVILY_API_KEY = "........"
  • Run the App:
npm run dev
  • Open http://localhost:3000 in your browser to see the app:
  • A CopilotSidebar will be here. Let’s enter this prompt: “Create a slide on the benefits of AI in healthcare.” You will get the desired slide:

Here’s what CopiloKit did on the backend: 

  • It takes the prompt and sends it to TAVILY to research the topic. 
  • The response can then be forwarded to OpenAI for creating the slide content. 
  • CopiloKit then places the output from OpenAI LLM in the desired places, using its update functionalities.

Trending Examples of CoipilotKit Application 

  1. Chat with Your Resume: AI-powered resume builder application using Nextjs, CopilotKit & OpenAI.
  2. Text-to-Powerpoint Application: This AI-powered PowerPoint application can search the web to make a presentation about any topic automatically. It integrates AI into your app using Next.js, OpenAI, LangChain & Tavily, and CopilotKit.
  3. AI-Powered Blogging Platform: AI-powered blogging platform that can search the web and research any topic for a blog article using Next.js, OpenAI, LangChain & Tavily, CopilotKit, and Supabase.

The introduction of CopilotKit reveals a robust and promising framework for smoothly integrating AI capabilities into your applications.  By incorporating CopilotKit, developers gain access to a suite of tools that provides a simplified method for creating interactive AI features with user enhancement through intuitive interfaces like CopilotChat, CopilotSidebar, and CopilotTextarea. The up-front installation process, comprehensive documentation, and illustrative code examples ensure that even a person who is not tech-savvy and new to AI can smoothly embark on this journey confidently. Whether you’re trying to build AI-driven chatbots, enrich text areas with smart completions, or create fully customized AI interactions within your apps, CopilotKit can help you.

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