Meet Keywords AI: A Unified DevOps Platform to Build AI Applications

Regardless of a company’s niche, LLMs have enormous promise in areas such as data analysis, code writing, and creative text generation. The development of reliable LLM applications, however, has its challenges. Presently, there is a fragmented scope for LLM growth. Developers frequently face challenges in setting up infrastructure, managing tools, and ensuring different models work together. Because of the need for specialized knowledge, this slows down development and makes it out of reach for many. 

Challenges faced by LLM Developers

To create and scale high-quality products that customers love, LLM developers face numerous obstacles:

  • Setup and maintenance of infrastructure for LLM application deployment and scalability is time-consuming.
  • Problems with working in teams to complete timely engineering tasks and assess models for individual use cases.
  • Difficulties in tracking and guaranteeing production-level consistency for best user experience.
  • Committing time-consuming effort to gather datasets to refine and incrementally enhance the output quality.

Meet Keywords AI, a cool startup that can increase the availability and efficiency of your large language model (LLM) application while decreasing its overall cost—all without compromising the model’s quality. By analyzing your request, Keywords AI finds the most suitable model and allows you to monitor its efficiency, consumption, and expense.

Keywords AI’s emphasis on data management is a major strength. The platform streamlines data curation and fine-tuning, giving developers the power to tailor their models to solve unique problems. This lowers the price of training and running LLMs while also improving performance. 

Keywords AI goes above and beyond its basic features by offering helpful application analysis and monitoring tools. Application behavior may be tracked, and improvement areas can be made using performance evaluations and request recording features. By analyzing user behavior, developers can better comprehend how users engage with the app and make improvements to provide the best possible experience. 

Funding round

 YCombinator backs  Keywords AI.

Key Takeaways

  • The potential of LLM applications is enormous, but creating them is challenging. Slow development and limited accessibility result from poorly set up infrastructure and tools. 
  • If you’re an LLM, you need Keywords AI’s unified DevOps platform. Development becomes much easier with these pre-built tools, and there is no need to build up infrastructure. 
  • Easy integration with only two lines of code is one of the benefits of Keywords AI. Internal elements that ensure the reliability and scalability of applications, Streamlined data handling and optimizing for enhanced performance, Monitored applications, and analyzed user data with these tools. 

Dhanshree Shenwai is a Computer Science Engineer and has a good experience in FinTech companies covering Financial, Cards & Payments and Banking domain with keen interest in applications of AI. She is enthusiastic about exploring new technologies and advancements in today’s evolving world making everyone's life easy.

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