Best Platforms to Practice SQL

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is like the language of databases. It’s a way for computers to understand and manage data. Whether one is aiming to be a data analyst, scientist, or engineer, SQL is a must-know skill in the tech world. In this guide, we’ll explore the best platforms to help you sharpen your SQL skills and ace those data-related interviews. So, if you’ve ever felt stuck with a SQL question, fear not we’ve got the tools to help you unlock the power of SQL for your dream role.

HackerRank is a fantastic platform for honing your SQL skills, offering a variety of practice questions categorized by difficulty levels and SQL topics. With challenges ranging from basic queries to advanced optimizations, it caters to both intermediate and advanced learners.

 The platform also features timed Skills Certification Tests, allowing you to evaluate your SQL proficiency. HackerRank’s gamified approach makes learning enjoyable, and you can even earn badges to showcase your achievements. Overall, it’s a dynamic resource for enhancing your SQL expertise.

 LeetCode, a popular coding platform, extends its prowess to SQL challenges, offering a diverse array of problems for users at varying skill levels. With a focus on real-world problem-solving, users can filter questions by company tags, aligning their preparation with specific industry needs. 

However, free accounts grant access to a limited subset of questions. Yet, it’s worth noting that it may be more challenging for beginners, emphasizing problem-solving over step-by-step learning.

StrataScratch is a go-to platform for SQL interview practice, offering an extensive collection of questions. You can filter by topic, and difficulty and even explore company-specific SQL interview questions. The coding workspace supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server (in beta), while Python users can leverage pandas for problem-solving. 

With a free account, you get access to 50 questions with solutions and the opportunity to tackle over 500 SQL questions, making StrataScratch a valuable resource for honing your SQL skills.

SQLZoo is an excellent beginner-friendly platform for learning and practicing SQL. With interactive tutorials and exercises, it allows users to progress from basic statements to more advanced concepts like window functions.

 The platform offers a hands-on approach, letting you practice SQL queries directly in your web browser. While it provides instant feedback and covers a wide range of SQL topics, it uses simulated databases, making it less practical for real-world applications. 

SQLPad is a web application designed for practicing SQL queries and visualizing results. It covers various SQL topics, including single-table and multi-table operations, along with window functions. The platform offers questions of different difficulty levels and even categorizes them by industry, such as fintech and e-commerce. 

Supporting multiple databases like Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, and others, SQLPad allows users to access practice questions with a free account. It’s a valuable tool for honing SQL skills through hands-on practice, making it beneficial for data analytics professionals aiming to excel in SQL and Python interviews.

SQLFiddle is a user-friendly web tool designed for writing and executing SQL queries across various database systems, offering a practical environment for real-world SQL practice. With features allowing you to test on different systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL, SQLFiddle provides a hands-on experience that feels like working with an actual database. While it excels in offering a platform to share and seek help on SQL code, it might not be as comprehensive for beginners looking to learn SQL from scratch. 

DataLemur offers a tailored selection of SQL interview questions drawn from actual interviews at major tech companies like LinkedIn, Tesla, Microsoft, and Walmart. Boasting over 40 questions covering various topics, including conditional aggregation and window functions, it provides an ideal platform for honing your SQL skills. Whether you’re job hunting or simply aiming to enhance your SQL proficiency, DataLemur serves as a valuable resource for tackling challenging problems and staying sharp in the world of SQL.

Mode stands out as a practical SQL learning platform with a comprehensive curriculum structured into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced SQL sections. Each lesson includes practice questions that users can solve directly in the Mode SQL editor. Beyond its educational offerings, Mode is a collaborative data analytics platform that integrates SQL, Python, and R. It facilitates data visualization, dashboard creation, and analysis sharing, making it an ideal choice for teams in data science projects. 

In conclusion, mastering SQL is crucial for various data roles, and the mentioned platforms provide valuable resources for both beginners and experienced individuals. Each platform has its unique features, making them versatile tools for enhancing SQL skills and succeeding in data-related roles. From gamified challenges and practical coding workspaces to interactive lessons and real-world interview questions, these resources cater to a spectrum of learners.

Manya Goyal is an AI and Research consulting intern at MarktechPost. She is currently pursuing her B.Tech from the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University(Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology). She is a Data Science enthusiast and has a keen interest in the scope of application of artificial intelligence in various fields. She is a podcaster on Spotify and is passionate about exploring.

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