The 14% Conversion Rate Growth Story: Unravelling JOE & THE JUICE’s Dynamic Partnership with Pixis AI

In 2002, JOE & THE JUICE emerged as a Danish urban oasis, captivating health-conscious consumers with its organic, locally sourced juices and coffee. Quickly expanding to 250 European locations, JOE & THE JUICE is now leaving its mark in the United States and the Middle East, supported by big investors like General Atlantic and Valedo Partners.

As JOE & THE JUICE’s popularity surged and its customer base expanded, the need for a powerful, user-friendly tech solution to streamline marketing efforts became evident. Their mission: empower teams to target audiences effectively, oversee marketing campaigns across diverse geographic regions, and increase their returns on ad spends.

Miguel Martin, Head of Digital Marketing at JOE & THE JUICE, noted, “Optimizing performance across regions was an ongoing challenge. We sought a system or technology capable of handling vast campaign data while reducing our Cost Per Install (CPI). That’s when we discovered Pixis.”

Unleashing the Potential of Pixis AI Infrastructure

JOE & THE JUICE integrated a codeless AI solution, Pixis, across their multi-location campaigns. The brand leveraged Pixis‘ Targeting AI engine to swiftly analyze thousands of data points across the brand’s marketing channels to discern high-performing audiences and targeting parameters that work best. Deploying Natural Language Processing models (NLPs), the AI-created user clusters based on various criteria such as behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns. These AI-driven clusters empowered JOE & THE JUICE’s to unearth behavioral insights automatically, facilitating precise identification of high-intent audiences and driving conversion rates to new heights.

Joe & The Juice also took advantage of Pixis‘ automated keyword inclusion features, enabling them to continually refine regional campaigns in real-time, enhancing targeting efficiency and achieving an impressive 14% boost in conversion rates.

Hari Valiyath, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer at Pixis, shared his views, stating, “Itโ€™s a pleasure to behold the way Joe & The Juice uses AI to solve every growth marketing challenge they encounter. Our collaboration has been a thrilling journey of exploration and strategic refinement from the outset. Our AI has helped their team craft, validate, and implement winning strategies that have yielded remarkable results. As we continue on this journey together, we look forward to hearing more about the creative ways they leverage AI to build fail-safe growth marketing strategies that deliver the highest returns on their ad spends across regions.โ€

Real-time Optimization of Cross-Platform and Multi-Location Campaigns

Pixisโ€™ AI infrastructure allows for powerful cross-platform marketing, which JOE & THE JUICE uses to maximize conversions across their platforms. Deploying cross-platform features, wherein theย  AI continuously learned from historical campaign data, seasonal trends, attribution, analytics, and live performance data, adapting strategies in real-time, helped the brand record a 12% reduction in Cost Per Install.

Budget Optimization Made Effortless

Addressing budget constraints and concerns, Joe & The Juice utilized AI-powered bid-budget optimization features. The AI employed multi-objective converging models to identify micro trends in each channel, enabling the efficient allocation and redistribution of bids and budgets. 

With Pixis AI and visionary partners like JOE & THE JUICE, the potential for innovation and growth knows no bounds, pointing toward a future where AI-driven solutions redefine the marketing landscape. Miguel Martin added, “As AI continues to evolve, brands that harness its potential and seamlessly integrate it into their marketing efforts will undoubtedly secure a competitive edge in the ever-evolving marketplace.”

About Pixis

Pixis is a no-code AI platform helping brands scale all aspects of their marketing and augment their decision-making in a world of infinitely complex consumer behavior. The companyโ€™s codeless AI infrastructure delivers over 200+ proprietary AI models that provide marketers with robust plug-and-play AI products โ€“ from campaign optimization to creative asset generation โ€“ without having to write a single line of code.ย 

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Hari Valiyath is the Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer at Pixis.

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