Releases YouAgent: An AI Agent with Code Execution for more Accurate Answers to Complex Math and Science Questions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Long Language Models (LLMs) have undoubtedly transformed how we learn and create on the internet. They provide extensive, conversational answers to a wide range of questions. However, they come with their share of limitations. They struggle to stay up-to-date, often produce incorrect information, and face challenges in reasoning about complex subjects like math, science, and logic. These shortcomings have left a gap in providing accurate and reliable information, especially in STEM fields.

In response to these challenges, emerged as a trailblazer in 2022 by launching a consumer product that harnessed LLM capabilities to access and refer to the internet, ensuring answers were comprehensive and up-to-date, complete with citations. Building on this success, in the spring of 2023, introduced multi-modal chat outputs, enhancing the user experience by providing interactive visuals like plots, charts, and apps, offering a dependable alternative to text-based responses, particularly for real-time topics.

Now, introduces the groundbreaking YouAgent, taking the concept of AI agents to a new level. Unlike conventional LLMs, YouAgent not only processes information but can also take actions within its environment. This is made possible through a computing environment that runs Python code. The LLM can write and execute code, opening up possibilities for complex STEM problem-solving. Combined with YouAgent’s multi-step reasoning process, this code interpreter enables it to tackle intricate STEM queries with unmatched accuracy.

Using YouAgent is simple. Users can initiate a query with “@agent” or “/agent” in the AI chat interface. This prompts to engage YouAgent, which can execute Python code in its computing environment. Currently, each logged-in user can make up to five YouAgent queries daily, with YouPro subscribers enjoying an extended limit of up to 100 queries daily.

The performance of YouAgent in STEM benchmarks is nothing short of impressive. Compared to the formidable GPT-4, YouAgent consistently demonstrates superior accuracy across various tasks. Notably, there is a remarkable 27% absolute increase in accuracy on the official ACT math section. This is akin to the difference between a C- and an A+ student, showcasing YouAgent’s prowess in computation-intensive assessments.

One of the standout features of YouAgent is its ability to address STEM questions that stump other consumer LLM offerings. With access to a code execution environment and multi-step reasoning capabilities, YouAgent can reliably answer questions involving intricate mathematical operations, setting it apart from competitors.

Despite its achievements, YouAgent acknowledges its room for growth. Achieving 100% accuracy on benchmarks is an ongoing pursuit that requires continued research and development. Additionally, the team aims to refine the execution of code, ensuring it is utilized judiciously for optimal problem-solving.

Looking ahead, YouAgent has ambitious plans to expand its capabilities. This includes support for file uploads, generating image outputs like plots and graphs, and performing web searches with code execution. The addition of more mathematical and scientific libraries, improved formatting of mathematical text, and continued performance enhancements across various STEM benchmarks are also on the horizon.

In conclusion, YouAgent represents a significant leap forward in harnessing the potential of AI agents. It addresses critical limitations faced by traditional LLMs, providing accurate and reliable information in STEM fields. By leveraging a computing environment to execute Python code, YouAgent demonstrates unparalleled proficiency in complex problem-solving. With an eye towards the future, YouAgent is poised to revolutionize how we interact with and glean insights from AI technology, paving the way for a new era of learning and problem-solving in STEM disciplines.

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