This AI Paper Presents a Study on AIS (Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome) Testing Using Deep Learning Models

AIS stands for Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. AIS is a spinal brain problem that affects the younger generation and makes their lives even worse. It causes back pain and can harm the heart and lungs. The very important thing to note about AIS is that it should be noticed in the early stage. It grows even worse if unable to detect it in an earlier stage. Doctors usually check the patient’s body for uneven shoulders, chest, or rib deformities. Doctors also use X-rays to detect AIS, but it can be risky.

Researchers are working on better ways to check AIS outside the hospital that are safe and easy. Researchers also checked if a computer program called AlignProCARE could be a good or better than spine surgeons at telling how bad and how quickly a spine problem called AIS was getting worse. The program used X-rays to measure the severity of AIS, with different levels indicating how bad it was. It also examined the type of curve in the spine. If the curve was worse by more than five degrees in six months then it was called a ‘progressive curve’ and needed careful watch.

The AlignProCARE program was trained on data from 1,780 patients. It consists of mostly young and female and tested on 378 more patients. Researchers could tell different types of spine curves with moderate accuracy. When checking if the spine was getting worse over time, it did okay. Researchers also noticed that the spine curves were also good at spotting who needed follow-up appointments. These programs might reduce the need for X-rays in people with mild spine problems. Traditional computer programs couldn’t do this well. The researchers improved the program’s ability to measure how bad the problem was. Researchers also categorized the type of spine curve just by looking at one picture. This problem statement fell under the class of Computer Vision and was a classification approach. This could help people who don’t have easy access to experienced spine surgeons.

The AlignProCARE app helps quickly and automatically analyze spine problems like AIS. It’s easy to use on a mobile device, doesn’t cost much, and doesn’t expose patients to a lot of radiation. This tool is extremely helpful for doctors as they can implement it immediately. Researchers are still working to develop a more advanced tool that will further help doctors on an advanced level diagnosis.

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