Funding in AI Startups Sept-1 Issue: ConverSight, Voxel, AI21, and Gesund

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands as a monumental frontier with unparalleled promise and challenges. This brings an inevitable surge in AI startup investments as venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporations seek to finance the next big breakthrough. In our September 1 issue, we delve into the intricate world of funding in AI startups. From the most lucrative deals to trends shaping the investment landscape, we offer comprehensive insights into what’s drawing the dollars in 2023.


Latest Funding: US$ 9 Million

Details: Indianapolis-based software firm has successfully secured $9 million in a Series A funding round led by New York City’s Surface Ventures. The startup, which specializes in AI and data analytics for business decision-making, also saw investments from Techstars, Augment Ventures, and Elevate Ventures, among others. Having previously raised $4 million in a seed round in January 2022,’s total funding now stands at $15 million. The funds will likely fuel the startup’s continuing efforts to refine its data-driven business solutions.


Latest Funding: US$ 18 Million

Details: In a significant move in the generative AI video sector, Tavus, a two-year-old startup specializing in customizable videos for businesses, has secured $18 million in Series A funding. This follows just five months after its seed round, valuing the company at $80 million post-investment. Although currently reporting $1 million in annual recurring revenue, Tavus anticipates ending the year with $2 to $3 million in ARR. The lower-than-expected revenue led at least one investor to pass on the funding opportunity.


Latest Funding: US$ 12 Million

Details: In a significant funding update, San Francisco-based startup Voxel has raised $12 million to further its mission of workplace safety. Leveraging AI and computer vision, Voxel enhances security cameras to automate risk management and reporting.


Latest Funding: US$ 155 Million

Details: Israel-based AI startup AI21 Labs has secured a $155 million Series C funding round, boosting its valuation to $1.4 billion. Notable investors include Google and Nvidia, among others. The new capital will be allocated towards expanding its text-based generative AI services tailored for enterprises. Competing with industry giants like OpenAI and Anthropic, AI21 Labs offers proprietary language models, known as Jurassic-2, which fuel its platform for custom text-based business applications and multilingual AI assistants.

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