14 Google Drive Add-Ons That Will Save Your Time Every Day

Quick Drive

If you use Google Drive, you’ve probably encountered a situation when you need to quickly look something up in one of your documents or sheets. If you have many files, bookmarking may be challenging. Quick Drive is the permanent answer to this issue. With this Google Drive extension, you can search without opening the app. To use Quick Drive, click its icon in Chrome’s toolbar. A panel will then display where you can type your search terms and quickly access the desired file or folder. This extension provides easy access to recently used and favored files and the ability to filter files by kind.


People’s productivity would halt without Google Drive, a popular online storage and collaboration platform. If you want to get the most out of Google Drive, you’ll need to connect it to several more programs. Zapier is handy because it provides numerous integrations that help speed up your processes. Users are given the keys to new realms of efficiency and cooperation through Zapier’s extensive Google Drive connectors. These integrations are innovative answers to common problems, such as automating file management, improving team communication, assuring data backup, gathering form data, and managing social media material. Zapier allows for an easier workflow that saves time and increases productivity by linking Google Drive with other necessary technologies. If you want to get the most out of Google Drive, you must embrace the potential of integrations.


Unfortunately, you can’t play videos directly from Google Drive. A media file stored in Google Drive cannot be cast now from the cloud but must be downloaded to the local computer before it can be released. DriveCast simplifies the procedure considerably. With this add-on, you may stream videos, music, and photos stored in Google Drive to any device that supports Chromecast. However, it only works with media files in Chromecast-compatible formats like JPEG, MP3, and MP4. After installation, launch DriveCast from the Chrome menu. Your Google Drive files and folders will open in a new tab. Find and open the file you wish to play, then choose “DriveCast” from the list of casting options. This extension is useful since it can play media files stored in Google Drive and broadcast live videos from external URLs. Keep in mind, though, that only live videos that are compatible with Chromecast will play.

Sync and backup Google Drive

Nearly everyone shares the fear of data corruption or deletion. That’s why saving a copy of your Google Drive data is recommended on another cloud service, such as Dropbox or OneDrive. In the extremely improbable event that files are accidentally erased on one system, you will still have a copy on another. This procedure of backing up, however, is complex. Usually, you’ll have to do it by hand. However, the Sync Google Drive plugin provides a workable solution. Dropbox, SharePoint, Gmail, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, and Egnyte are just a few online services that can receive G Suite files directly. The nicest aspect of this add-on is that it eliminates the necessity for downloading files to perform real-time synchronization, backup, and migration.


How can you efficiently capture, save, and distribute a Chrome browser screencast? The standard procedure would involve setting up a screen capture program. However, many of these can be cumbersome to run on low-end machines, are prohibitively expensive, or both. The Screencastify plugin is a simple solution. First, it’s an extension; it works within the Chrome browser. The straightforward design of the interface also makes it a breeze to employ. The best thing is there is a free version included. If you upgrade to the paid version, you’ll still spend less than $5 monthly. It lets you choose between saving your recordings as an MP3 audio file, a GIF animated file, or an MP4 video file. With the Screencastify add-on, your recordings are instantly uploaded to Drive. It also generates a shareable link, so you can send the recorded video to anybody you like from your Drive.

Universal File Opener

However, not all non-Google files are online accessible due to compatibility difficulties, even though Google Drive allows you to store them. The files must be downloaded and then used with native programs. The ‘Universal File Opener’ extension helps you access your files from both Google Drive and your computer. This program makes it easy to access files stored on Google Drive directly from within desktop programs without the need first to download the content to your local machine. For example, any papers, presentations, or spreadsheets created in Microsoft Office are included. When you’re done making edits in the native app of your choice, UFO will synchronize the updated version back to Google Drive. Changes you make to files stored elsewhere will be mirrored in real-time on Google Drive. There will be one file containing all the revisions, rather than 30 with names like “Final_Final_V4”.

Bookmarks Backuper

Bookmarks are handy for saving frequently visited websites and keeping tabs on your surfing history. The loss of your bookmarks, though, could mean losing access to your bookmarked pages. To save your bookmarks in Chrome, use the free Bookmarks Backuper plugin. It saves a copy of your bookmarks to Google Drive in case you accidentally delete them. Get the Bookmarks Backuper extension from the Chrome Web Store to get started. The bookmark backup process begins immediately after the extension is installed. The Bookmarks Backuper icon in Chrome’s menu bar allows manual bookmark backups. Using Bookmarks Backuper is a fantastic strategy for safeguarding your bookmarked pages. There’s no risk in giving it a shot because it’s simple to operate and available at no cost.


The DriveSlides Chrome add-on lets you quickly turn image folders into Google Slides presentations. It’s a straightforward program that will help you save a ton of time and effort. Obtain the DriveSlides extension from the Chrome Web Store to get started. After the add-on has been installed, access a Google Drive image folder. Select the photographs you wish to include in your presentation by clicking the DriveSlides icon in the Chrome menu bar. After selecting the photos you want to use, DriveSlides will make a new Google Slides presentation. Your presentation can be tailored to your specific needs with DriveSlides. The presentation’s look, content, and structure are all adjustable. Your presentation can be saved as a PDF or PowerPoint file, too. A Google Slides presentation may be made quickly and effortlessly with the help of DriveSlides. It’s great for making slideshows out of collections of images, such as those from a vacation or a product.

AwesomeDrive for Google Drive

Google Drive isn’t designed to work with Office files. A file must be converted to a Google Drive-compliant file format before it can be edited, and then the file must be redownloaded as an MS Office file before changing it. This can be a major pain if you frequently make changes to Microsoft Office files on Drive. AwesomeDrive is a sophisticated answer to the issue. After adding this extension, your Google Drive account will allow you to generate Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. If you already have an Office file in your Google Drive, you can open and make native edits. 

Save to Google Drive

With the Save to Google Drive Chrome extension, you can easily save articles, photos, and videos from the web to your Google Drive. You can back up your favorite websites, save articles for later offline reading, or keep track of crucial information. Download the Save to Google Drive add-on from the Chrome Web Store to use the feature. A “Save to Google Drive” button will appear in the Chrome menu after installing the extension. Select text or a picture on the page, then click this button to save it to your Google Drive. The Save to Google Drive add-on allows you to save web pages in PDF, HTML, or MHTML format. Alternatively, you can select a destination folder in Google Drive to save the files. Chrome users could benefit from installing the free and straightforward Save to Google Drive extension.

Transfer Dropbox to Google Drive

The two most well-known cloud storage providers are Dropbox and Google Drive. Both have many advantages and disadvantages, yet they share many similarities. One difference between Google Drive and Dropbox is the free space available to users. The Transfer Dropbox to Google Chrome extension can ease the transition from Dropbox to Google Drive for current users. With this add-on, you can move your Dropbox files to Google Drive quickly and effortlessly. The Transfer Dropbox to Google Chrome add-on may be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. After installing the extension, you can access your Dropbox and Google Drive files directly from the browser. When you click the add-on, a list of your Dropbox’s contents will appear. Select the file(s) you want to upload, then hit the “Transfer” button. After that, the file will be uploaded to your Google Drive. The add-on also allows you to copy an entire Dropbox folder to Google Drive. Choose the directory you want to transfer and hit the “Transfer” button. After that, the extension will upload every file in that directory to your Google Drive.

Notes for Google Drive

The Notes: Keep Sticky Thoughts in Google Drive extension is a simple yet helpful way to take notes and organize your ideas within Google Drive. The add-on is a powerful tool for increasing efficiency due to its user-friendliness and feature set. Your new Google Drive note will be saved as soon as you start typing. This means your notes will remain accessible even if you log out of your account or restart your computer. The add-on will take the first line of your note and use that to create a title. Because of this, you can quickly locate specific notes whenever you need them. Drag and drop your notes to rearrange their arrangement. This facilitates neat note-taking. Use bold, italics, and lists to emphasize important points in your notes. You may quickly and easily improve the look and readability of your notes in this way. The Google Drive folder where you keep your notes can be quickly accessed via the buttons provided. This facilitates speedy access to your notes.

Doc Builder

The Doc Builder software, available through the Google Workspace Marketplace, streamlines the process of making and organizing documents. It has several tools for enhancing the readability of text, adding visual elements like pictures and tables, and working with others. Text in Doc Builder can be styled in several ways, including by changing its font, size, color, and alignment. Formatting options include bold, italics, and underlining. With Doc Builder, it’s simple to have visual elements like pictures and tables in your papers. Images and tables can be repositioned, resized, and aligned as needed. Doc Builder’s real-time collaboration features allow you and your coworkers to edit documents simultaneously. Conflicts can be settled, and modifications and comments tracked. You may quickly and easily make papers with the help of Doc Builder’s library of premade templates. Formats for documents, including resumes, proposals, and reports, are all provided. You may organize your papers with the help of Doc Builder’s search, sort, and export tools. You can also use folders to keep related files together. You may save time, effort, and stress by using Doc Builder to make and manage documents. This is a good solution if you or your company has to make formal documents.

Mail Merge

The free Chrome add-on Mail Merge for Gmail makes sending customized emails to a large list of people easy. It’s a straightforward program that will help you save a ton of time and effort. Before utilizing Gmail’s Mail Merge feature, you must compile a list of email recipients’ information in a spreadsheet. You may then use Mail Merge for Gmail to import the spreadsheet you produced. Next, draft up a draft of the email you intend to send. You can insert whatever you like in the email template, including text, graphics, and files. Mail Merge for Gmail will automatically add the recipient’s name to each email before sending. Once you’ve reviewed the emails, you may hit the send button in bulk. If your company or organization often sends mass emails to many people, you should use Gmail’s Mail Merge feature. Individuals who wish to contact many people at once might also benefit from this service.

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