40+ AI Tools For Video Creation and Editing in 2023

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software with AI capabilities that allows users to create incredible videos fast. Its features include Color Matching, Audio Ducking, Auto Reframe, and more.

Keyframes Studio

Keyframes Studio allows users to create and edit videos for all social media platforms. This tool can chop up the videos to focus on the more important parts.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is a long-standing tool that now incorporates AI to speed up tasks that used to take hours. Some of its features include easily removing and relocating objects, adjusting the audio length, reducing background noise, and resizing content to various formats.

Vimeo One Take

Vimeo enables users to swiftly generate content using an AI-powered script generator, teleprompter, and a novel video editing method through text manipulation.


Synthesia, an AI-powered video creation platform, produces videos in over 120 languages, accents, and tones. It offers custom AI avatars, text-to-speech for seamless voiceovers, and voice personalization for avatar synchronization.


Roll allows users to create studio-quality videos with just their phone. It gives users an AI-generated 3D studio right within their screen.


Pictory cuts down long videos to suit social media attention spans.


Munch is a video repurposing platform that extracts the most meaningful clips from long-form videos.


Movavi video editor has capabilities like AI background removal, AI motion tracking, AI noise removal, and more.


Synthesys is an AI video generator that uses its text-to-video capabilities to turn scripts into engaging media.


HeyGen offers a range of tools to swiftly create videos, including 300+ voices in 40+ languages and personalized avatars.


InVideo transforms text inputs into videos and offers a selection of professionally designed animated templates.


Veed.io lets users craft distinctive brand videos with personalized text, colors, fonts, and music. It also offers auto transcribe for quick video-to-script conversion.


Elai allows users to generate customized AI videos with a presenter without using a camera, studio, or a green screen.


This tool allows users to generate videos from text within minutes and auto-translate to dozens of languages.


FlexClip allows users to access various video templates, AI-generated subtitles, a background remover, and a text-to-speech engine through its AI video generator.

Wave Video

Wave Video is a video editing tool that allows users to resize and trim videos, merge clips, alter layouts, incorporate text animations, stickers, transitions, and much more within its video editing toolkit.


Designs.ai has a wide array of customizable video templates, allowing users to swiftly create videos by adding logos, images, and text tailored to their requirements.


Lumen5 is an excellent tool for businesses that are looking to create professional videos within minutes.

Raw Shorts

This AI tool converts text into animated videos. Additionally, it can even turn spreadsheets into videos.


GliaCloud allows users to generate videos from news content, social posts, and live sports events.


Wisecut converts long-form content into short videos for social media.


Magisto, now under Vimeo, offers an intelligent online video editor to craft compelling stories through inspiring videos.


Rephrase Studio is a tool that turns text into videos with a digital character, making it easy to create professional-looking videos without the usual complexity.


Eleven Labs offers cutting-edge text-to-speech and voice cloning software for creating lifelike voiceovers or as a user-friendly text reader.


Runaway is a smart video editor that uses AI to help users easily make professional-looking videos with multiple tracks.


Descript is an AI-powered video editor that is suitable for Youtube and podcasts.


Peech streamlines video editing and optimizes content marketing with its advanced NLP technology.


Visla is an all-in-one platform that allows users to record, edit, and share high-quality videos.

Opus Clip

Opus Clip is a generative AI tool that transforms long-talking videos into shorts in just one click.


Kaiber allows users to upload videos and transform them into new styles and aesthetics.


Windsor allows e-commerce brands to automate and scale personalized videos for customer acquisition, retention, and growth.


TimeBolt is a video editing tool that automatically removes silence, speeds up scenes, and cuts commentary in videos as well as podcasts.


Vidyo is perfect for creating short videos from long ones to make them suitable for social media.


Reface employs artificial intelligence to implement facial swaps and artistic enhancements on user-uploaded images and videos.


Kamua is a video editing tool that uses AI to track people and objects in each video frame.

Steve AI

Steve AI allows users to create videos and animations in seconds.


Unscreen removes the background from videos.


This tool enables users to create and interact with talking avatars using Generative AI.

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