Best AI Spreadsheet Tools 2023

When combined with data from other sources, including marketing data platforms, Excel may provide invaluable insights quickly. While most people think of it as a spreadsheet program, it is a powerful computing tool capable of solving intricate issues.

However, mastering numerous intricate formulas is required before being fully used. The sheer volume of information needed to become proficient in Excel prevents most users from tapping into the program’s full potential. 

This need only sometimes be the situation. With the advent of AI (artificial intelligence), Excel users no longer need to memorize hundreds of long, winding Excel formulas to enter complex calculations and get thorough insights. 

Let’s check out some of Excel’s AI tools. 


Botsheets is an AI program that can automatically convert discussions into spreadsheets. By linking a Google Sheet to a user’s customer message channels, users may instruct the AI what information to capture using column headings in the connected Google Sheet. The AI will sift through client discussions and automatically record relevant information in a Google Sheet. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone manual sorting through chat transcripts. A single message can yield useful information that can be collected and kept, making this tool perfect for lead creation. Botsheets simplify streamlining assistance by transforming unstructured support inquiries into organized data. Smart prompts like “Sentiment” capture clients’ positive and negative emotions, allowing users to easily spot trends and patterns in the customer service they provide.


SheetAI harnesses the intelligence of computers to bring you a set of AI tools that may be used to streamline repetitive processes and get new insights. Using SheetAI’s built-in functions, you may express your desired outcome in one cell and receive it in another. SHEETAI, SHEETAI_LIST, SHEETAI_TABLE, SHEETAI_IMAGE, SHEETAI_EDIT, SHEETAI_FILL, and SHEETAI_EXTRACT are just a few of the available functions. For instance, you may like to compile a list of the top 10 healthiest veggies in terms of various nutrients such as iron, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D. Then, the =SHEETAI_TABLE function of the tool can be used to construct the table based on the requirements you give. The SHEETAI_BRAIN feature streamlines the copywriting process by providing instant access to relevant data, allowing you to develop content and catchy slogans rapidly.


Ajelix provides several tools, such as an Excel formula generator, VBA script creation, and virtual AI aid, all of which contribute to increased efficiency while working with Google Sheets or Excel. The Excel formula generator shortens the time it takes to convert plain text into an Excel formula. Users may quickly and easily grasp Excel formulas with the help of the formula explanation. The Google Apps Script Generator can produce code automatically based on specifications. Excel VBA Script Explainer uses AI to explain Excel VBA code, while the Excel VBA Script Generator creates VBA scripts. The Google Sheets Formula Generator and the Google Apps Script Explainer use artificial intelligence to analyze and clarify scripts. The Excel File Translator, Excel Formula and Script Library, Excel Template Generator, and Excel Add-in are also included in the tools. Ajelix also provides services, including web development, business process analytics, and optimization, report development (static and dynamic), data analytics and forecasting (historical and projected), and WordPress development.

Arcwise AI

Arcwise AI is a GPT-based assistant app for Google Sheets. Simple text instructions expedite the analyzing, cleaning, and processing of data in Sheets. Sheets now feature an artificial intelligence tool that lets users ask queries like “What does this sheet do?” and “What are the calculation interdependencies in A10:D20?” in a conversational format. The software suggests appropriate formulas based on the current situation and gives access to related discussions on StackOverflow. Arcwise AI can help with tasks such as normalizing addresses, summarizing answers, scraping text from browser tabs into tables, and reformatting date columns. As a result, users can save time and effort in the data analysis process by eliminating the need for manual data preparation. The software is available as a free Chrome extension.


Sheet+ is an artificial intelligence-based program that will forever change how spreadsheets are used. It has several functions that can be used to build correct formulas for Google Sheets and Excel from text, simplify formulas, debug formulas, and more. Users may improve their spreadsheet abilities, save time and energy, and give their team a technological edge with the help of AI with Sheet+. Text may be converted into precise formulae in Excel and Google Sheets with the help of the tool’s Text to Formula feature. In contrast, the Formula to Explanation function provides detailed explanations of the formula’s inner workings. Sheet+ is an open-source spreadsheet app that eliminates the headaches of complicated formulas and calculations for good.


Using a straightforward formula, customers of PromptLoop may include AI tools like GPT-3 in their Google Sheets and Excel spreadsheets. Users can organize, summarize, and reformat textual information stored in spreadsheets. The software can be used for many different purposes, such as examining sales records, creating search engine optimization and keywords, creating persuasive customer messages for online storefronts, deconstructing survey results, and transforming jumbled language. Anyone with access to a spreadsheet can use PromptLoop to create AI-enabled spreadsheet models with little to no prior experience in AI or programming. PromptLoop provides a formula similar to sum or vlookup that uses advanced AI models to create appropriate responses automatically. Artificial intelligence models use a minimal amount of training data to conclude. Workflows that incorporate text production, summarization, online search, and user-defined endpoints can be rapidly developed with the help of this application.


Luminal is an artificial intelligence-driven spreadsheet importer that aims to reduce the time and effort required to import spreadsheets for further processing. Customers can get their spreadsheets processed 10 times faster with Luminal than without it. Luminal is an adaptive solution that gets better at importing spreadsheets the more you use it since it is built to learn from your every activity. The solution is designed to work with large spreadsheets (over 5 million rows) that contain a variety of complicated data types, formats, and validations. Luminal provides a comprehensive answer, covering everything from setup to transformations powered by artificial intelligence to semantic column mapping, cutting-edge formatting, and customizable validation criteria. With Luminal, users can easily apply AI-powered changes like summarization, auto-tagging, and auto-categorization on columns containing data of varying types, from language codes to company names.


With artificial intelligence, SheetGod can generate sophisticated Excel formulae, macros, regular expressions, and simple tasks in seconds, all from plain English. It also supports the development of Google Appscript code snippets, which may be used to automate repetitive tasks. Easy navigation and use are hallmarks of the dashboard’s minimalist design. In addition, it includes tutorials that walk users through the fundamentals of using Excel and Google Sheets. SheetGod allows users to extend the functionality of their spreadsheets and automate even more chores through sending marketing emails, generating mass PDFs, creating Google Workspace Add-Ons, and creating Microsoft Excel add-ons. It also works with regular expressions, letting users do complicated transformations and extract specific data. With a 30-day money-back guarantee and personalized onboarding through Zoom and WhatsApp, SheetGod has earned the trust of more than 50,000 organizations.

Excel Formula Bot

The Excel Formula Bot is an online tool that uses NLP algorithms to create custom formulas in Excel or Google Sheets in response to user-supplied text input. The use of AI hopes to speed up the process of formula creation. One of Excel Formula Bot’s most useful capabilities is its ability to automatically build formulae in Excel or Google Sheets in response to simple textual cues. This makes it possible for users to quickly handle complex calculations with the help of AI, as the usual ambiguity connected with them is eliminated. The Excel Formula Bot also can automatically produce VBA code by guiding the user through simple text prompts. A free plan with 5 credits is available on the website for consumers to try out the features and quality of the service before committing to a paid membership. Users are advised to evaluate and verify the generated formulae to ensure they match their unique needs, notwithstanding the Excel Formula Bot’s best efforts to offer accurate formulas. The tool can easily handle complex formulas, including those with nested functions, many conditions, and intricate computations.


GPTExcel is an AI program that can quickly create and explain formulas in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Over 44,000 formulas have been produced, allowing users to easily build complex equations without learning much about Excel operations. The app has been featured on popular tech blogs like ProductHunt and Aitoolsclub. To help users understand how the tool arrived at a given answer, GPTExcel explains the logic underlying the created formulae. In addition, the application may be used to create Excel formulas compatible with Mac and Windows. Financial forecasting, data analysis, and statistical modeling are just some of the many possible applications of the user-generated formulas. The most recent update to GPTExcel boasts a 10x improvement in speed and quality, making the tool even easier to work with. In sum, GPTExcel is a helpful tool for those who spend a lot of time in Excel or Google Sheets.

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