Tabnine Introduces Tabnine Chat: An Enterprise-Grade, Code-Centric Chat application in Beta that Allows Developers to Interact with Tabnine’s AI models Using Natural Language

Tabnine, the AI-powered code completion tool, has unveiled a new feature to its suite: Tabnine chat, in its beta version. It is an enterprise-grade, code-centric code application that can seamlessly integrate with the developer’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The application expands its functionality to use explainable existing code, search code repositories, and generate new code according to natural language specifications. One of the key highlights of Tabnine Chat is its strong focus on security and compliance. 

The feature accommodates various enterprise requirements, safeguarding private codebases, permissible open-source code, and stack overflow queries. The models have been trained only on open-source code with permissive licenses, eliminating concerns about codebase information. The front end of Tabnine chat is a React application embedded in a web view, currently available in VS code and JetBrains IDEs, and supports all the programming languages.

Several distinct features underscore its importance:

  1. Security and Compliance: Tabnine environment ensures total code privacy and security. They facilitate isolated deployment environments using virtual private cloud or on-premises setup, prioritizing safety and confidentiality. 
  2. Contextual Integration: Tabnine chat operates within the IDE, thus integrating the developer’s ongoing code.
  3. Repository Integration: Tabnine Enterprises users can link their repositories to this application. Organizations with a large set of internal APIs, libraries, and services can boost productivity by connecting internal repositories to Tabnine Chat.

As Tabnine Chat’s beta phase arrives, developers are on the verge of coding transformation. In this evolving journey of developer-AI relations, Tabnine Chat stands out as a pioneer in enabling seamless conversations between developers and code. With a wider expansion to Tabnine enterprises and pro users in the near future, excitement is generated for an advanced coding interaction.

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Astha Kumari is a consulting intern at MarktechPost. She is currently pursuing Dual degree course in the department of chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kharagpur. She is a machine learning and artificial intelligence enthusiast. She is keen in exploring their real life applications in various fields.

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