Top 11 VS Code Extension to Increase 10x Productivity

Path Intellisense

Whether using C#, VB.NET, or F#, you can benefit from Path Intellisense thanks to a Visual Studio extension called Path Intellisense. It can help you easily identify the routes you need and protect you from typos and wrong ways. The project files are parsed by Path Intellisense, which then compiles a database of all the paths used in the project. Path Intellisense is a feature of some code editors that will suggest possible ways as you type. The proposed routes will help you get where you need to go fast. As you type, Path Intellisense will suggest appropriate path completions. If you try to enter a nonexistent or inaccessible path, Path IntelliSense will give you a warning. With Path Intellisense, you may easily get the term’s definition. To save time and prevent mistakes when working with paths, the Path Intellisense extension for Visual Studio is invaluable. On the Visual Studio Marketplace, you may download it for free.


Generating meaningful tests for busy devs. With CodiumAI, you get non-trivial tests (and trivial, too!) suggested right inside your IDE, so you can code smart, create more value, and stay confident when you push. With CodiumAI, developers innovate faster and with confidence, saving their time devoted to testing and analyzing code. Code, as you meant it.

Live Server

Using the Live Server extension for Visual Studio Code, you can build static and dynamic websites locally with live reload. This allows you to edit your code and immediately observe its effects in your browser. A developer can save time by not having to manually reload the browser after making each change. The interface of Live Server is intuitive. Open your project in Visual Studio Code and add the extension from the Marketplace. When you click the Live Server button, a local server will begin running, and your project will launch in a browser. When you modify your code, it will instantly appear in the browser. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Python are just some of the file formats that may be uploaded and run on Live Server. In addition, it interacts with frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.js to produce dynamic web pages. If you’re a web designer, you should check out Live Server. It’s simple to operate, works with many file formats, and saves significant time.


Take stunning screenshots of your code with the help of the CodeSnap plugin for Visual Studio Code. It’s a fantastic medium for distributing and documenting code. Select the code you wish to capture with CodeSnap, and then hit the shortcut combination of Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard. When you click the button, CodeSnap will snap a picture of your code and load it in a new tab or window. The screenshot can then be customized by zooming in or out and cropping as required. CodeSnap captures stunning screenshots of your code with crisp text and vivid colors. Your screenshots can be customized with zoom and cropping tools. The color, size, text placement, and line numbers in your screenshots are all up for grabs. PNG, JPEG, and SVG are just some formats supporting screenshot exporting. Take stunning snapshots of your code with the help of CodeSnap. It’s convenient, packed with options, and makes excellent output.

Material Icon Theme

Thanks to the Material Icon Theme extension, a lovely and uniform set of icons based on the Material Design icons can now be used in Visual Studio Code. It’s a fantastic method for giving your code editor a more polished and contemporary appearance. The Material Icon Theme extension provides a plethora of icons for use with various file formats, languages, and instructions. The icons are high-resolution, vector-based, and look fantastic at any size. The Material Icon Theme extension adds a set of custom icons to your code editor in addition to the default setting. The Material Design icon library can also make your unique icons. Adding the Material Icon Theme extension to your copy of Visual Studio Code will greatly improve its aesthetic appeal. It has a wide selection of icons and is simple to operate. The Material Icon Theme extension gives you a gorgeous, uniform set of icons in Google’s Material Design style. Your code editor will now have a more refined and contemporary appearance. The Material Icon Theme extension has no cost associated with it.

Prettier Code formatter  

Prettier is a widely-used code formatter that can be used to make code uniform and easy to understand. However, the Prettier settings out of the box might only work for some. The prettier-formatter package can be used to create a customized Prettier formatting setting. With the prettier-formatter package, you can set up Prettier to suit your needs. If you use the prettier-formatter package, your code will be formatted according to the standards you define. If you want to tailor Prettier’s formatting to your specific needs, the prettier-formatter package is the way to go. It’s user-friendly, and you get a lot of leeway in setting up your formatting rules.

Project Manager 

You can keep track of your many projects with the help of the Project Manager extension for Visual Studio Code. It can instantly recognize Git, Mercurial, or SVN repositories, and you may save any folder or workspace as a Project. Several useful organizational tools are available in Project Manager. You may make your projects more discoverable by adding tags with relevant keywords. Your most frequently used projects can be bookmarked for quick access. With Project Manager, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of your active projects in one convenient location. A project can be readily located by entering its name, a tag, or its whole path. Keyboard shortcuts in Project Manager allow you to switch between tasks with ease. Using Project Manager, all your projects will be neatly cataloged and easily located. Every developer that uses Visual Studio Code should install this extension.


ESLint is widely used as a reliable JavaScript linter. It can help you find and fix bugs in your code and stick to best practices when writing code. Using ESLint in your VS Code projects is a breeze with the ESLint extension. Every time you save a file, the extension will lint your code for you. By doing so, you can spot mistakes before they become major issues. Based on the ESLint rules you set up, the extension will recommend changes to your code. Better and more quickly written code is the result. Some common ESLint mistakes can be fixed mechanically by the extension. Using this method can be more efficient. The extension gives you control over the ESLint rules applied to your code. You can now customize the linting of your code in this way.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is a new AI-powered coding aid that can greatly improve productivity. OpenAI Codex, a massive language model educated on billions of lines of code, is behind it. Copilot is an extension for Visual Studio Code that provides auto-completion suggestions for your code. Your comments and directions can also generate complete classes or functions. Copilot is still in its early stages, but it can significantly alter how programmers work. It can assist programmers save time and effort, and it can also encourage them to produce code that is more idiomatic and efficient. As you type, Copilot will offer appropriate coding completions. Time and effort are saved, and mistakes are reduced using this method. Copilot can automatically construct complete classes or functions depending on your comments and instructions. In the case of complicated operations, this can be a huge help. In addition, Copilot may analyze your code and offer enhancement suggestions. This can help you find and solve bugs and make your code more readable and efficient.

Better Comments

Improve the quality of your code comments with the Better Comments extension for Visual Studio Code. To facilitate adding comments to your code, Better Comments provides a selection of premade comment templates. These samples include a wide range of documentation elements, including comments for individual methods and classes and TODO and FIXME lists. Your comments can be color-coded for better readability and comprehension using Better Comments. This comes in handy most when dealing with lengthy or multi-part comments. Better Comments will do it for you if your comment gets too long for a single line. This ensures that your comments are easy to read and navigate. You can alter the behavior of Better Comments in several ways by adjusting its settings. You can customize several aspects of Better Comments, such as the comment templates that will be used, the comment colors, and whether or not comments will be automatically broken into numerous lines. Better Comments is a fantastic tool for making your code comments more understandable and useful. It’s an essential extension for every programmer who cares about producing readable, concise code.

Live Sass Compiler

Sass is a robust CSS preprocessor that can facilitate the creation of both readable and easily maintained CSS. Sass files can be compiled quickly, but doing so after making changes to the code might be tedious. This is where the Visual Studio Code extension called Live Sass Compiler comes in handy. You can see the effects of your edits right away with Live Sass Compiler because it compiles Sass files in real-time. This can be a huge time- and stress-saver when working with Sass. Download the Live Sass Compiler extension from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace to start. Open a Sass file in Visual Studio Code after installing the extension to get started. The status bar icon for Live Sass Compiler will be displayed. To begin compiling your Sass file, click the button. Your Sass file can be compiled in real time, and the resulting CSS file can be downloaded. Visual Studio Code will launch a new tab with the CSS file. The CSS file will update instantly if you change your Sass file. If you’re using Sass in your development process, you should definitely check out Live Sass Compiler. Any serious Sass programmer needs this extension.

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