Top AI Tools for Accounting 2023

VIC.AI uses AI to take care of the finances. The important information from an invoice may be extracted without resorting to templates or memorization, thanks to the hundreds of millions of invoices used to train the algorithms. Even on day one of operation, their algorithms produce near-perfect header results, and their technology is always evolving. They can easily implement AI to handle various facets of billing with their Autopilot technology.


Indy is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that helps enterprises, startups, and freelancers finish tedious accounting chores 20 times faster than manual methods. Their commercial operations are streamlined, and the platform automatically generates all necessary declarations. Advisors at Indy are there for Indy personnel at every stage of their careers. It’s made for businesses that pay income tax under the BNC (non-commercial profits) and micro-BNC regimes, as well as SAS, SASU, EURL, SARL, SELASU, and SELARL with an annual turnover of less than 247K€, micro-enterprises (auto-entrepreneurs), and SCI that pay income tax (IR) and corporate tax (IS) but no VAT.


Docyt is cloud-based accounting automation software that employs AI technology to perform chores like coding transactions, creating journal entries, and reconciling bank and credit card accounts in QuickBooks. Members of the team or clients can work together and share up-to-the-moment financial insights from any location. Bookkeeping and other administrative costs can be reduced by digitizing financial data and automating procedures. As a result, firms will have an easier time making timely, well-informed decisions.

Blue Dot

Regarding employee-driven financial transactions, Blue Dot was the first to market with a platform-based, constantly updated platform. The Blue Dot Tax Compliance Platform is an all-in-one solution for processing and analyzing a company’s employee spending data for Value-Added Tax, Taxable Employee Benefits, and Corporate Income Tax through digitization, tax compliance, and automation.

Manual bookkeeping systems carry too much risk of human mistakes for new businesses to rely on. They have found that, a finance and accounting platform powered by artificial intelligence, helps them with these issues. For intelligent accounting services, startups and small enterprises can turn to, an AI-driven financial automation platform. Transactions, account reconciliations, and real-time financial reports are all automated using machine learning algorithms. This cloud-based software may help entrepreneurs save time and energy on financial management thanks to its automated invoicing capabilities, cash flow forecasting and budgeting tools, and customizable dashboards for tracking performance metrics.

Booke AI

Booke AI is an AI-powered automation tool designed to streamline accounting processes for busy professionals. Features include real-time OCR data extraction from invoices, bills, and receipts, automatic transaction categorization, and AI-assisted reconciliation. Users can connect their preferred accounting software to the platform via Xero, QBO, and QBD integrations. The communication features of Booke AI improve the effectiveness of teamwork and interactions with customers. Documents can be managed in bulk, discrepancies can be found and fixed, and dynamic reports can be generated. Booke AI also offers a Chrome extension for Xero and QuickBooks, making it easier to sort transactions into categories and flag unidentified bank feed transactions.

Gridlex Sky

To help businesses streamline their financial operations, Gridlex Sky has integrated artificial intelligence into its accounting software. It can facilitate billing, credit monitoring, account reconciliation, and financial planning. Financial data analysis is another area where Gridlex Sky can assist firms to improve their decision-making. Invoicing, credit control, reconciliation, budgeting, and forecasting are just some of the financial processes that may be automated using Gridlex Sky. This can help firms save money and time while also increasing precision. Gridlex Sky is a financial data analytics platform for enterprises. Pricing, marketing, and investment decisions are some areas where this data can be used. With the use of AI, Gridlex Sky advises companies on how to boost their bottom line. A company’s financial health, bottom line, and prospects can all benefit from these suggestions. is an artificial intelligence (AI) fueled platform for startup financial operations. Accounting, spending monitoring, and budgeting are time-consuming procedures that can be automated to manage a startup’s finances better. Better business decisions can be made with the help of’s real-time analysis of financial data. is effective because it integrates human knowledge with AI. The company employs a staff of CPAs who use AI-enhanced software to streamline accounting processes. This paves the way for to offer new businesses reliable and effective financial services. Startups like Lyft, Airbnb, and Stripe are among’s clientele. 

Bill & Divvy

Bill & Divvy is an accounting tool powered by artificial intelligence that streamlines businesses’ AR and AP processes. Invoicing, payments, and credit management are just some methods that can be simplified with its help. Bill & Divvy provides numerous tools for automating enterprises’ AR and AP procedures. Invoices sent by email, PDF, or CSV files can all be imported automatically into Bill & Divvy. Invoice information like amount, due date, and terms can be extracted mechanically. Bill & Divvy can record the date, amount, and mode of payment for bills. It can also send payment reminders to clients who still need to settle their accounts. Businesses can keep tabs on their credit limits, payment dates, and more with the help of Bill & Divvy. It can also notify you when your credit card balance is about to get too high.

Nanonets Flow

Nanonets Flow is an artificial intelligence-driven platform designed to assist organizations in mining financial documents like invoices, receipts, and bank statements for useful information. Invoicing, expenditure reporting, and budgeting are just some processes that can be streamlined using this information. Nanonets Flow uses several forms of artificial intelligence (AI), such as machine learning and natural language processing, to mine text for information. Invoice information such as invoice number, date, amount, and vendor can be automatically extracted by Nanonets Flow. You can use this information in your accounting software to generate invoices and make payments. The receipt’s merchant, date, amount, and category can all be automatically extracted using Nanonets Flow. Expenses can be monitored, and reports can be made with this information. Nanonets Flow’s automatic data extraction from financial records makes it easy to compile budgets. With this information, you may design a spending plan considering your actual costs.


Botkeeper is an artificial intelligence-driven accounting software that streamlines bookkeeping for enterprises. It can read barcodes, sort purchases into categories, and produce reports. Businesses can take advantage of both the automation of mundane duties and the knowledge of a human accountant with Botkeeper’s human-assisted AI feature. Businesses of various sizes, from startups to multinational conglomerates, use Botkeeper. Data entry, invoice processing, and account reconciliation are just some of the time-consuming bookkeeping operations that Botkeeper can automate for you. As a result, you’ll have more time for planning and strategy. Botkeeper employs AI to detect and fix accounting mistakes. Your fiscal records will be more reliable and up-to-date if you do this. Cash flow statements, Balance sheets, and income statements are just some of the reports that Botkeeper can generate. Use these reports to keep tabs on your finances and make smart choices for your company.

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