Best AI Tools To Future-Proof Yourself (2023)


12ft is a browser plugin allowing users to read articles and access content that would need a paid subscription. When it detects that a user has encountered a paywall, it immediately redirects them to a free site version. 12ft is a simple, no-frills piece of software. After installing, The extension will work directly the first time you access a paywalled website. In addition, 12ft can be individually toggled at each location. With 12ft, you may avoid paying a monthly subscription fee without giving up access to premium content. It’s a great way to support DIY media and its creators.


PhotoRoom is an advanced picture editor that allows you to quickly and easily produce high-quality results. Stunning photographs for your products, social media, and more can be made with just a few clicks in PhotoRoom by removing backgrounds, adding shadows, and adjusting colors. You may download PhotoRoom for free on your iOS or Android device or use it online. You may export high-resolution photographs and get rid of watermarks, among other things, with a paid subscription plan.


Mayday is a calendar powered by artificial intelligence that safeguards, organizes, and maximizes its users’ most precious resource: time. It’s free to get on Apple’s iOS, macOS, and iPadOS platforms. Artificial intelligence analyzes user preferences and tendencies to determine when it is best to schedule various events. Meeting, task, and schedule customization suggestions are also available from Mayday. Considering all participants ‘ availability and preferences, Mayday’s capacity to manage the complexities of scheduling with others is one of its most appealing aspects. With Mayday, users can stay on top of their schedules with the help of smart tags, FYI events, buffer time, and time windows.

You may make beautiful images of your products in seconds with the help of, a cloud-based AI application. When you upload a product photo to, it will automatically crop the image to remove the backdrop, adjust the lighting, and render the picture in several different settings. E-commerce merchants who want professional-looking product images but don’t want to shell out the cash for a photographer will love It’s also a fantastic resource for anyone who needs to take stunning images of their items for use in advertising. is an AI platform that makes creating promotional emails in bulk simple. Users can upload their material or give a topic to produce various email choices. The AI-generated emails are informative and promotional and intend to boost conversion rates and strengthen reader relationships. is for people who value efficiency but want to improve their email marketing game. By automating content creation, the tool intends to streamline the process of sending out successful marketing emails. Users can quickly and easily send their favorite prewritten emails with a single click. Compared to competing AI email generator solutions, stands out for its emphasis on profitability rather than “bullshit.” The program aims to have users send emails that get opened, read, and eventually result in sales.


Pico is a text-to-app platform driven by artificial intelligence that caters to business owners, consultants, and startups. Users can easily make their simple web applications by explaining their app idea in plain English or any other language supported by the platform. Thanks to this platform, there is no requirement for technical knowledge, coding experience, or familiarity with no-code technologies. Apps for generating leads, streamlining corporate procedures, and maintaining consumer interest can all be built with Pico. Pico automatically deploys the app and makes it accessible via a custom URL that the user can promote. Users of Pico can easily create a custom domain and monitor their app’s progress.

Xembly AI

Meeting planner, notetaker, and task manager all rolled into one, Xembly is powered by artificial intelligence. It’s meant to act as your robotic chief of staff, freeing you up to concentrate on what matters. Xembly is useful for organizing meetings with coworkers, customers, or business associates. Sending Xembly an email or a message on Slack will automatically identify a convenient time for everyone. Meeting notes can be automatically taken using Xembly. It will record what was discussed and what was decided upon as far as the next steps. Xembly can keep you on track with your tasks and ensure you follow through. It will give you notifications to ensure you remember everything important. Xembly uses AI to provide you with feedback on your efficiency. It will reveal your time expenditures and offer suggestions for improving your productivity. is an AI-powered photo editor that streamlines the process of enhancing user-created content (UGC) for maximum efficiency gains. With the help of AI, the program can resize images without diminishing their quality, adjust colors, boost resolution, retouch product photos, and edit user-generated content without human intervention. With’s straightforward API integration, users can quickly and easily adjust settings and modify images. The software can convert images at a 65% higher rate and enhance the perception score by 26%. Additionally, it boosts users’ desire to buy by 10%. Customers that place a premium on aesthetics can rest assured knowing that has been endorsed by industry leaders in management and development. You won’t have to worry about server costs or downtime with this software. It’s a great option for marketplaces because it streamlines the vendor onboarding process and increases product variety.


Bardeen is an effective automation program that may help you save time and energy on mundane jobs. You can streamline processes and manage cloud-based software from anywhere with just one click. With Bardeen, customers can access many premade playbooks designed to keep them in the zone and a nifty Builder tool for assembling their unique processes from scratch. In addition, customers can cut down on wasted time with Bardeen’s AI-driven automation function. Access and manage your favorite web apps from any device with Bardeen’s support for a wide variety of integrations with services like Airtable, Asana, Clearbit, ClickUp, Coda, Dropbox, Github, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Meet, Google Sheets, Jira, Notion, OpenAI, Pipedrive, Slack, and Telegram.


With Onesta, users can build and train their own artificial intelligence sales assistants on a dedicated platform. The software simplifies creating and distributing targeted email marketing campaigns for businesses. The system uses AI to create highly personalized emails that connect with leads, increasing the possibility of engagement and conversion. In addition, Onesta allows for consistent communication with leads throughout the sales process. Its AI-powered helper instantly responds to specific questions, facilitating smooth interaction. The end game is to secure more sales appointments and increase earnings. Onesta filters through leads to find the best possible matches, saving time and money using data analysis and sophisticated algorithms.

ChatGPT Writer

The ChatGPT Writer Chrome extension employs cutting-edge AI technology to compose full emails and messages without you lifting a finger. With Gmail’s improved functionality, users can swiftly draft professional-quality emails and messages that compete with the market’s best. ChatGPT Writer does not include any tracking or advertising features. It works with Chrome, Brave, Edge, and other Chromium-based browsers and is localized into all major tongues. Users install the add-on, click the icon, insert a few keywords about the topic they wish to respond to, then click the Generate Response button. To input the customized email response, Gmail users need only click the extension’s icon in the Gmail text editor and then the Generate Reply button.

Butternut AI

With artificial intelligence, Butternut AI makes it possible to create websites quickly and easily, even for those who don’t know how to code. Complete with text and images, and the program generates websites ready to go live in under 20 seconds. A user’s website can be tailored to their brand’s tone using automatically generated pictures and content. Butternut AI provides comprehensive SEO services, raising a website to the top of Google’s search results. The product is meant to serve as a user’s personal website designer with whom they may carry on a conversation in text form. Users must enter their company’s name and descriptive keywords to make a website with Butternut AI. Because of the platform’s user-friendliness, virtually anyone can learn to code websites. It’s great for entrepreneurs who don’t know how to code but still need a website for their company to seem professional.

AI Photo Sorter

You may quickly and easily sort through thousands of images with the help of AI Photo Sorter. This online tool employs AI to facilitate the straightforward management of your photo library. You may use AI Photo Sorter by adding your photos to the program. The software will then utilize its artificial intelligence to analyze your images and classify the objects within them. If you choose, you may also make your categories manually. After organizing your pictures, you may look through them based on tags, dates, and locations. Photos can be saved in a wide range of formats for export. You can trust that your photos will be properly organized because the AI recognizes objects well. You have complete control over the layout and organization of your photo collection.


With the help of its AI-generated technology, Baked can turn your ideas into works of art that are truly your own. Baked allows you to print your AI-generated artwork on various merchandise, including mugs, phone covers, t-shirts, and more. Baked uses the Stable Diffusion program to generate new, one-of-a-kind photos for each user. Users can choose a product, enter textual or visual content, and complete their purchase in three simple actions. The image is up-scaled after purchasing to enhance print quality. Customers choosing from a premade design can easily do so by buying or remixing Baked’s created artwork. 

Opus Clip

Opus Clip is a generative AI video editor that instantly converts large videos into small, shareable ones. It analyzes the entire video, finds the best bits, and reorganizes them into self-contained viral short segments using a unique curating model driven by the most recent GPT. Opus Clip is designed to level the playing field in generating videos, allowing anybody with a story to tell or a passion to express without needing specialized content development or video editing knowledge. Opus Clip uses AI to examine your video captions, pull out the most important phrases, and automatically add emojis to emphasize said keywords.


Ellie is a smart email helper that saves you time by suggesting prewritten responses. It analyzes your writing style and uses OpenAI technology to develop responses that sound natural and have been written by you. It’s multilingual and flexible, so you may say exactly what you mean in your responses. Ellie also lets you request specific changes to be made to an email. Ellie will only go through your inbox to respond and never save or forward any of your messages. It’s a plugin for Chrome and Firefox and works with Gmail. Appointment setting, information gathering, and report writing are other things it can help you with.

Rask AI

With Rask AI, businesses can easily localize their films into over 60 other languages, such as Chinese, French, English, and many more. The platform employs AI and human experience to ensure that films are translated accurately and naturally. Use cases for the platform’s voice-over, captioning, and subtitling functionalities include content development and distribution, employee and customer training, marketing, YouTube multi-language audio, and educational videos. It’s a great fit for those in content creation, business, education technology, learning and development, and human resources. The platform’s AI technology guarantees improved localization speed, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy over human-powered translation methods.

Fibery AI

Fibery AI is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution designed to work with the user’s existing workflow and mental processes to improve creativity, writing, automation, and experimentation. This software has several uses beyond the typical ones associated with a software or digital agency, including product management, customer feedback, and even starting a business. Additionally, it allows users to replace most of their stack with a single tool by collaborating on backlogs, sprints, releases, and a development wiki. Fibery is an AI tool that includes an AI Assistant to help users delegate and automate mundane chores, making it easier to use the tool and its environment. Users can quickly and easily write, summarize, brainstorm, and plan with its help. Users can make article titles, task checklists, and more by using release notes. Behind the scenes, it uses the OpenAI GPT-3.5 API to carry out these tasks. Users can try out Fibery AI’s text and space-generating tool for free for 100 requests, and for a fee, they can integrate Fibery with GPT-3.5 OpenAI.

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