Top Ad Blockers for Online Privacy (2023)

The most effective ad blockers are now indispensable for everyone using the modern web. Regardless of the sites you frequent, you will need robust security against the countless pop-up adverts, activity trackers, and malvertising that plague the web. The FBI itself advocates for their use.

It’s easy to discover safety now that browser add-ons and specialized ad-blocking programs are available. They’re up there with the top VPN and anti-virus programs as crucial resources. Several ad-blockers are available, so the only questions are which one to use and whether or not the drawbacks are acceptable to you. However, if you feel the benefits outweigh the costs, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most effective ad blockers and privacy enhancement applications. They support every browser and operating system imaginable so that you may surf the web without worry.

AdBlock Plus (ABP)

AdBlock Plus (ABP) has plugins for common browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera. With ABP, blocking most advertisements, spyware, and social media links is as easy as loading a preconfigured list of filters and clicking a button. To keep their advertising income positive, savvy users can select additional block lists, implement custom filters, or whitelist their preferred websites. While AdBlock Plus’s “non-intrusive advertising” filtering feature may annoy some users, it can be turned off in the settings menu. The AdBlock Browser for Android provides a Firefox-based browser that blocks incoming advertising, and the AdBlock Plus app for iOS combines with the content blocker system effortlessly and without requiring configuration block advertising on Safari.


AdBlock is by far the most widely used ad-blocking software worldwide. AdBlock can stop banner advertising, video commercials, and pop-up windows from appearing. Trackers, employed by marketers to keep tabs on your online movements, are also blocked. AdBlock does more than eliminate annoying advertisements; it also increases your online privacy and security. AdBlock does this by obstructing trackers, which advertising uses to follow you as you navigate the web. This can make it harder for them to track your online activities and provide adverts. AdBlock is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It’s also compatible with iOS and Android devices. The “Get AdBlock Now” button may be found at, where AdBlock can be downloaded. After that, the AdBlock browser add-on will be recommended to you. The installation of the add-on triggers immediate ad blocking via AdBlock.

Ublock Origin

Ublock Origin is an ad blocker for web browsers that prioritizes lightweight, effective blocking. The plugin ships with preconfigured filter lists for common advertising and malware domains, and you may download more filter lists or read and write your filters using host files. uBlock Origin does more than block adverts; it also prevents tracking. Small pieces of code called “trackers” are often inserted into websites. They collect data about what websites you visit and share it with advertisers. If you use uBlock Origin, you can prevent certain trackers from accessing your data. In short, uBlock Origin can be set up and used with minimal effort. Once it’s set up, all you have to do to allow adverts on specific sites is add them to a “whitelist.” You can tailor uBlock Origin’s ad blocking to exclude only certain formats—for example, video advertising or pop-ups.

Poper Blocker

Poper Blocker (also known as Pop Up Blocker For Chrome) was not created to replace existing adblockers but to work with them. Poper Blocker is an extension for blocking advertisements focusing on pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays, timed pop-ups, and pop-ups appearing as you scroll down a page. When pop-ups are being prevented, you will see a small notification. Poper Blocker may be kept running in the background with minimal impact alongside other adblocker extensions, and it also allows you to examine your blocking statistics.

Stands Fair AdBlocker

Stands Fair AdBlocker is a quick and lightweight ad-blocking plugin for Chrome. The fully functional add-on prevents annoying pop-up adverts and other tracking forms from appearing in your browser. Stand’s Fair AdBlocker allows you to choose which advertisements to block down to the individual element. You can even choose to have Facebook advertisements blocked. The “Fair” in AdBlocker refers to the option to whitelist ad-supported websites you don’t want to deprive of revenue by blocking all advertisements from or allowing only specific types. Compared to other ad blockers, this one doesn’t go all-out to achieve its goal.


Ghostery can help you focus on the content while you browse. However, Ghostery’s true worth rests in the privacy safeguards it provides. You can check who is attempting to collect information about you online by using Ghostery to view trackers. You can prevent such tracking with Ghostery as well. If you’re concerned about maintaining your privacy, you can use Ghostery’s Enhanced Anti-Tracking feature. You can get Ghostery without spending a dime, and it will keep you safe online. Premium security begins at just $4.99 monthly, and the $11.99 plan includes a VPN. Ghostery is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Adblocker for YouTube

Ads on YouTube have become increasingly intrusive, prompting developers of ad-blocking add-ons to create even more sophisticated solutions. Whether it’s the pre-roll commercial that loads before your movie or the text and banner advertising that load during it, Adblocker for YouTube is a Chrome extension that promises to block all of YouTube’s advertisements automatically. There is also an AdBlocker for YouTube add-on for Firefox if you want to use something other than Chrome. Same name as a seemingly new creator, but still able to filter out commercials from both videos and websites. This is also compatible with Android smartphones.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a free and open-source browser extension to safeguard your privacy when surfing the web. It functions by obstructing any tracking attempts made by websites automatically. Privacy Badger is an ad blocker that does not rely on a database of recognized trackers. Instead, it adapts to recognize potential trackers through their actions. This means that Privacy Badger will be effective against even previously unknown trackers. Privacy Badger does more than prevent tracking; it also uses the Global Privacy Control (GPC) signal to prevent your personal information from being sold or shared. If you don’t want websites to share your data with third parties without your permission, you can send them this signal. Using Privacy Badger is a breeze. After installation, it will function exactly like any other web browser. When Privacy Badger detects a tracker, it will immediately shut it down.


AdLock is a complete ad blocker that protects you from pop-ups, flash banners, video advertisements, malware-infected banners, and tracking bugs on the web. It eliminates all advertisements from your web browser, mobile apps, games, and IM client. AdLock is compatible with Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Windows. The free version filters most advertisements, while the premium version stops trackers and viruses and provides other benefits. AdLock is a powerful ad-blocking software. It filters out commercials from numerous websites, including those used for social networking, news, and video streaming. Apps, games, and IMs are also protected from invasive advertisements.


AdGuard is a mobile, desktop, and tablet ad blocker that protects you against annoying adverts, tracking software, and malware. It’s a cross-platform app with Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS without cost or restrictions. AdGuard prevents advertisements by preventing requests from reaching ad servers. Ads won’t load and won’t show up on your screen. AdGuard also protects you from tracking technologies. This is for your safety and privacy. When used in conjunction with other security and privacy measures, AdGuard can greatly enhance your online safety and anonymity. It’s accessible from a multitude of devices and has an intuitive interface.

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