Top AI Tools For Podcasting (2023)


An AI-powered technology called Podium is intended to speed up the post-production of podcasts significantly. It lets you quickly create transcripts, highlights, chapters, and show notes with episode summaries.

The application is simple to use and doesn’t need to create an account; all required is to submit an audio file. The AI in Podium will swiftly find quotable passages, develop chapters and titles, and provide a summary of the episode that can be easily shared on social media.

Also, it offers a superb transcript for enhanced accessibility and search engine optimization. The application is initially free but will soon change to a cheap pay-per-use fee or bespoke pricing if you need to handle a big volume of episodes at once.

The AI tool is intended to improve the post-production of podcasts via the creation of AI-powered show notes, titles, and descriptions. Upon submitting audio recordings, AI creates appealing and attention-grabbing titles, descriptions, and show notes unique to each audio episode. This application allows podcasters to produce interesting and educational material without human input effortlessly.

This AI tool enables all podcasters to effortlessly manage their audio files, improve their content, and increase their audience. This tool is simple to use, effective, and may save podcasters much time, assuring rapid and high-quality post-production. The platform provides transparent pricing, early access to new features, customer support, and easy pricing options. It is appropriate for amateurs, pros, and podcast networks alike.


An AI-powered Shownotes automatically summarizes each podcast episode and generates a landing page with a transcript and captions file. It converts YouTube auto-captions using chatGPT, produces a catchy quotation, and can turn the transcript into a blog post.

The three options that Shownotes provides are Free, Creator, and Pro. One shownote, a condensed transcript, a landing page, and all shows that are accessible to the public are included in the Free plan.

The Creator plan includes two shownotes each month, a condensed transcript, a landing page, the option to make shows private, a landing page editor, a complete transcript, and ums and ahs.

Unlimited shownotes, a condensed transcript, a landing page, the option to make shows private, a landing page editor, a complete transcript, ums and ahs, and a captions file are all included in the Pro plan.


An AI-powered technology called Castmagic was created to assist podcasters in saving time and creating higher-quality material. It transforms audio into text prepared for publication, including transcriptions, show notes, summaries, highlights, quotations, social media postings, and more. It automates laborious post-production chores to free up podcasters’ time to concentrate on producing high-caliber audio material. Also, it is compatible with Zoom and Slack.

Castmagic is a user-friendly program that works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Windows, Linux, and macOS and doesn’t need coding. Also, users may try out the platform for free for a trial period. Podcasters may save 20+ hours each week with Castmagic while producing individualized content for each listener. Offering dynamic website experiences customized to specific users may assist in boosting podcast exposure and optimizing income.

Mood AI

With the help of the potent Mood AI Generative Podcast Marketing Kit, podcasters may reach a sizable audience with their material. Based on a podcast episode, it employs generative AI to automatically create a comprehensive transcript, summary, keywords, brief description, important subjects, titles, blog posts, social media postings, and video clips.

By swiftly producing content and marketing materials, as well as tracking the effectiveness of their content, this makes it simpler for podcast makers to attract a wider audience.

Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast is an online audio recording and editing tool with AI capabilities. It provides several capacities to simplify audio creation, such as audio-to-text conversion, noise reduction, and others. Users may easily and effectively produce, modify, and distribute audio material on its platform. With AI-powered tools, Adobe Podcast is designed to assist users in delivering high-quality audio productions fast and effortlessly.

Adobe Podcast is ideal for those searching for a fast and simple method to produce professional-level audio projects because of its user-friendly interface and full audio recording and editing tools.


An artificial intelligence program called Cleanvoice AI may be used to eliminate filler words (like “uh” and “um”) and mouth noises (like “lip-smacking”) from audio recordings. Moreover, it may be used to edit off dead air and stuttering from recordings. The AI is multilingual and can identify and eliminate filler noises in various languages, including German and French, as well as regional accents.

Moreover, it can identify and eliminate lip-smacking, stuttering, and clicking from recordings. Cleanvoice AI users may export their recordings’ timelines to their editor and have Cleanvoice indicate the parts of the timeline it would like to modify. Users may edit faster and with greater control, thanks to this. Moreover, Cleanvoice AI provides a risk-free, 30-minute trial that doesn’t need a credit card.


Users may obtain audio and text summaries of podcast episodes created by the AI system using the Snipd app. These descriptions are intended to aid readers in rapidly comprehending the episode’s main themes and locating the sections they may find most fascinating. With the aid of Snipd, consumers may rapidly learn the most important takeaways from a podcast episode.

All episodes of the Lex Fridman Podcast have AI-generated summaries accessible right now, and more will be available shortly. Users need to download the Snipd app, choose the podcast episode they want to describe, then press the audio summary to get started. They may learn more quickly as a result of this. Snipd further offers summaries for other well-known podcasts, including those hosted by Mark Zuckerberg, Joe Rogan, and Elon Musk.

An AI-driven tool called makes it easy and fast to create podcasts. It offers an easy web-based user interface with tools and features suited for producers of all skill levels. Using, you may upload or record audio, transcribe each speaker, interact with others, and have sound effects and music chosen for you, depending on the podcast’s context. enables users to go from having an idea to having a finished podcast in minutes by streamlining the difficult process of generating a podcast. Moreover, it offers sophisticated audio editing and manipulation features, including cutting, copying, pasting, and importing audio snippets. Also, users may give their podcasts fades and other effects.


Professional and amateur podcasters may easily produce, edit, and distribute production-quality podcasts with Podcastle, an AI-powered audio and video creation platform. Users of the site may record and edit audio and video and produce podcasts from online conversations with up to 10 participants.

A single web-based platform may provide studio-quality recordings, AI-powered editing, and seamless exporting. Tools include background noise reduction, filler word identification, audio-to-text, podcast recording, MP3-to-text, and format conversion. They also feature multi-track recording, audio transcription, intuitive editing, text-to-speech, Magic Dust, Revoice, and silence removal.

Moreover, Podcastle provides iOS and Android applications for mobile recording. No of their level of skill, users can easily produce podcasts to share tales and interact with their audiences thanks to the platform.


VoicePen is an AI-powered application that rapidly and effortlessly converts audio and video material into written prose. It will take audio files in the .mp3,.mp4, and .wav formats and turn the audio into a blog post, a transcription, and an SRT file. The user uploads their audio recording, makes a safe payment, and generates the blog article. Usually, the result is prepared in 8 minutes.

A quick, easy, and affordable method for converting audio and video material into textual content is VoicePen. VoicePen makes it simple to convert podcasts, webinars, and tutorials into blog entries that may be search engine optimized, opening up additional lead channels. Also, it saves time since creating a blog post from an instructional video takes eight minutes.

Every week, the AI-generated podcast delves deeply into a different subject. It is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in machine learning and learning new things about their chosen topics. Future episodes may even include suggestions for guests or subjects, and the podcast has the power to revive voices from the past., a platform that offers the essential AI capabilities for producing and hosting the podcast, powers the technology underlying


A service driven by AI called SumlyAI provides free podcast summaries, enabling busy podcast listeners to keep up with their favorite episodes and find new ones without spending hours listening to each episode. To guarantee high accuracy, the summaries are created using powerful AI technology and then verified by humans. Once a new episode is published, subscribers may anticipate getting their summaries in their mailbox within 24 hours.

Users may terminate their membership without incurring any fees under the subscription plan, which includes a 7-day free trial period. Users are encouraged to contact SumlyAI if there is a particular podcast they would like to be given priority since they are always growing their collection of podcasts.


An AI-powered technology called PodSqueeze aids in the rapid and simple creation of material for podcasts. Users may choose an episode from their RSS feed with only a few clicks, and AI will create show notes, timestamps, newsletters, and more.

Also, users may choose from three SEO-friendly blog post alternatives generated by PodSqueeze to reach a larger audience. This application is intended to assist podcast producers in making the most of their material and increasing website traffic and backlinks.


Dubb is an AI-driven, automated marketing content generator created to help podcast producers quickly produce show notes, email articles, social media posts, and transcripts from their audio episodes. Dubb transforms audio information from podcasts into textual and graphic articles tailored for various channels, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and newsletters. Using Dubb, podcasters may expand their listenership via audience outreach and better content exposure.

Before utilizing the service, Dubb needs users to sign up using their email. Before signing up for one of Dubb’s price plans, users may test it out for a brief period for free.

The Creator plan allows for the conversion of ten hours of the audio podcast into engaging content each month, the Pro plan allows for the conversion of thirty hours of the audio podcast into tailored marketing content, and the Enterprise customizable plan meets enterprise podcast needs by allowing for the conversion of over one hundred hours of audio podcast materials into engaging marketing.

Swell AI

Swell AI technology automates the authoring and production of material for podcasts and videos. Based on the submitted podcast episodes or videos, it creates textual material such as summaries, show notes, social media postings, transcripts, titles, and articles.

The AI writer produces text in a lengthy format that is legible, SEO-ready, and quickly publishable to blogs or social media sites. To manage and distribute the generated material, the platform provides API connectivity, Apple Podcast, and RSS feed input and export options to Dropbox or Google Drive. Users of Swell AI’s chat interface, which ChatGPT powers, may write anything using certain prompts. Swell AI offers a free signup process and several price tiers depending on the number of monthly uploads and the volume of material produced.

Although Professional, Business, and Pay as You Go plans are available at various monthly fees, the Hobby plan is free, with only one upload per month. Swell AI is designed to help podcasters, content producers, and companies that wish to create written material more quickly and easily for their podcasts or videos.


Melville is a tool for podcast producers to save time and money that uses AI to write podcast copy. It automates producing show notes with timestamped important points, clickable episode summaries, and SEO keywords. Users are paid according to the duration of each podcast episode, and the price system is clear-cut and transparent. Top 100 podcasts utilize it, and it is presently in open beta.

Using automation without a VA significantly reduces the cost of the service. The output produced by Melville needs little modification, and customers also get a transcript in addition to the summary, important points, and keywords included in the show notes. No restrictions exist on how many podcasts may be added to an account, and MP3 files can be submitted.


An AI-powered tool for podcast transcription and discovery is called Steno. Users may rapidly and precisely transcribe podcasts using this tool, making searching for certain subjects and words simpler. Users of Steno may refer to documents, follow along while reading, and listen to podcasts while transcribed in real-time. Also, it provides a thorough list of the highlighted podcasts, episodes, and news stories.

Steno is a practical, comprehensive, and simple-to-use platform that gives users quick access to and discovery of podcast content. Users may also log in and create an account with Steno. Users may also communicate with the site via its Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok profiles, and Discord community.


With artificial intelligence (AI), the ground-breaking podcast player Fathom can extract the information hidden inside the fascinating discussions. Using Fathom, you can quickly search through episodes to locate certain concepts, subjects, and details.

The AI-powered search tool makes finding what you’re searching for simpler and quicker. Also, Fathom offers brief previews to determine if you want to plunge into a lengthy podcast. Also, the app provides a “like Tinder for podcasts” function that connects your interests with well-known and obscure podcasts. Lastly, 98% of customers have given Fathom five stars on the app store, demonstrating high consumer happiness.

Synthesis YouTube

Synthesis YouTube is a web-based solution made using create-react-app that enables students to access relevant video content from their favorite podcasts quickly. Up to two podcast channels may be simultaneously searched using its straightforward search interface—the search tool lists relevant video clips from the chosen podcasts when a search phrase is entered.

Synthesis For students who want to discover their favorite podcasts’ valuable video material fast, YouTube is a terrific resource. Eliminating the need to go through each podcast in search of pertinent information manually saves them time. The application is useful for individuals who wish to learn about various podcasts since it offers a thorough list of well-known podcasts. The application also provides sample queries to further assist users in understanding how the search function.


SteosVoice (formerly CyberVoice) is an AI tool for producing realistic voice synthesis. It allows content, mod, and game producers to monetize their voices and create distinctive, captivating material.

With more than 15,000 users and 25,000 hours of audio produced every day, it provides more than 50 voices in 15 different languages. SteosVoice is an excellent tool for dubbing films, contributions, independent games, modifications, podcasts, voice messages for customers, and audiobooks since it offers 44.1K WAV files.

It also provides an API, BrandVoice, and a Telegram Bot to assist producers in producing and monetizing their content. SteosVoice is a fantastic tool for developing fresh narratives with various voices, congratulating patrons on significant events, providing voiceovers for websites and news, and generating voice contributions on streams.

Type Studio

Users can easily and quickly make, edit, and share movies with this user-friendly and quick application. With the help of the text-based video editor Type Studio, users may change the transcribed text inside their films. It also offers additional capabilities, like automated transcription and subtitle generation, converting material into TikToks, Reels, and Shorts, quick text-based podcast editing, sophisticated AI-generated subtitles, and more.

Also, it enables the quick cutting of lengthy podcasts into shorter snippets for social media channel advertising. Most of all, its user-friendly design allows teams and content producers to exchange all the important work.

Deciphr AI

An AI-powered technology called Deciphr AI makes the process of creating podcasts easier. Users may submit a transcript or audio file and instantly get show notes and full timestamps. Podcasters may grow their content creation and save up to 8+ hours using Deciphr. The program is free, and users have generally given it favorable feedback.

Deciphr uses end-to-end encryption to guarantee the security of every material. The resource is simple and available via the Deciphr website or mobile app. It is intended to assist podcasters in producing high-quality material fast and effectively.

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