Top AI Audio Enhancers (2023)

Professionals and audiophiles may benefit from the best possible sound quality thanks to AI-powered audio enhancer software. With cutting-edge technology, you can eliminate background noise, add effects of your choice, or utilize preset options to adapt output for various devices, speakers, and headphones – without modifying the hardware already in place.

AI audio enhancers have been transforming the audio business for some time now, and this trend isn’t slowing down. Advanced algorithms are used by AI-powered audio enhancement technologies to raise the sound quality above and above what was previously feasible.

AI audio enhancers are a fantastic option for audiophiles of all types, whether you’re searching for a strong tool for professional music creation or want something simple to use at home. A clean, clear listening experience may be achieved using AI to reduce noise levels and improve sounds. Several excellent AI-powered audio enhancers are available and based on your requirements, you may use each one’s unique characteristics.

These are the top AI audio enhancers, in our opinion:

For anybody looking to produce expert-caliber audio productions, Audo is the best AI audio enhancer. The app’s AI technology and audio engineering make it easy but efficient for audio editors of all skill levels, from beginning podcasters to seasoned sound engineers. Users may rapidly upload and modify sound files using the app’s simple and straightforward user interface or even record them inside the app.

Also, its dynamic development team is always working on new additions and updates, so you may take advantage of the tools they now provide and all of its anticipated upgrades in the future.

AI Mastering

An AI audio enhancer product called AI Mastering places high importance on the user experience. AI Mastery has developed several simple methods for creating an account with them, including utilizing your current GitHub, Google, or Twitter accounts.

In addition to emphasizing user ease, AI Mastering has a useful function with its AI-based technology, enabling automated audio conversions. AI Mastering is swiftly becoming a well-liked tool of choice as it continues to provide additional features and ease to its expanding audience of customers that connect with it each month.


Krisp is an AI audio enhancer that removes background sounds like sirens, barking dogs, and other unexpected noises by using the open device architecture of the PC and Mac as audio input or output. Video call services significantly improve voice quality without adding any delay to the connection.

Also, Krisp claims to greatly enhance the experience of people operating in quiet environments by maintaining clear and distraction-free communication. Anybody interested in using this AI audio enhancer may choose between signing up for a monthly Personal Pro membership plan or choosing one of their team plans, which have no use restrictions beyond 120 minutes.


The broadcasting sector has transformed thanks to Auphonic, an AI-based audio enhancer. It allows users to enjoy high-quality audio for various media, including radio, broadcast, screencasts, and movies. Users no longer need to understand the nuances of compressors or adjust the volume by standards like ATSC A/85 or EBU R128. Thanks to its AI-based algorithms, users may now benefit from multiple tools to acquire the best results from their projects.

The software has outstanding features, including metadata programs, chapter marks, and built-in optimal encoding. Moreover, more than 80 languages are supported through voice recognition and editing algorithms, allowing users to reach a bigger global audience.

Adobe Audition

Thanks to Adobe Audition, a powerful AI audio enhancer, achieving the ideal track is now easier than ever. By reducing background noise, you can give your audio a professional quality with thorough editing choices and noise cancellation features.

Also, you may start altering any audio file by dragging it into the app. It is also amazingly rapid and simple to use. You may listen to the songs while you work on the edits, saving time and enabling even better audio processing. Also, because of Adobe’s split platform connectivity, you may quickly switch between multiple Adobe programs without losing your previous platform progress.

Audio Super Resolution

Innovative software called Audio Super Resolution automatically adds more time-domain samples to an audio stream. This AI-driven approach employs convolution, dropout, and non-linearity in each algorithmic block, analogous to the image super-resolution problem where individual audio samples are compared to pixels.

Moreover, by stacking leftover connections, Audio Super Resolution enables the smooth reuse of low-resolution characteristics from the down-sampling blocks throughout the up-sampling process. These technologies work together to provide consumers a better listening experience.


Another excellent AI audio enhancer is AudioDenoise. Anybody may quickly and easily improve an audio recording with the help of this program.

Start by choosing a file from your PC or a cloud storage platform. From there, customers may choose from various sound settings and adjustments, such as the Noise Model Type, the required degree of noise reduction, temporal smoothing, and many more. Lastly, users may initiate the AI audio-enhancing process with a single click, producing a much better audio file.

Background noise may be removed with only one mouse click by using the AI audio enhancer VEED. The gadget does away with purchasing noise-canceling microphones and manually eliminating background noise.

Just submit your video to VEED, choose “Clean Audio,” and wait for AI to detect any background noise and remove it automatically. After you’re done, you’ll have a ready-to-use MP4 version of your film that can be quickly shared on social networking sites.

Audio Noise Reducer

Audio Noise Reducer is a useful smartphone app for those who wish to minimize noise. In addition to supporting popular file formats like MP2, MP3, and FLAC, it also uses the most recent AI technology to improve sound quality.

A capability that is uncommon among simple mobile apps, Audio Noise Reducer can remove noise in both video and plain audio files. However, its utility with music is restricted; rather, it was intended to be an AI-powered assistant with uses outside of the musical world. Yet, this AI audio enhancer is a powerful tool for anybody wishing to immediately boost the sound quality of their audio recordings.


Artificial audio enhancer tools with a range of uses are available from Audioalter. Audioalter provides a solution for any project, whether you want to denoise audio, eliminate background noise, or create watermarks.

Their noise reduction tool distinguishes itself from the competition by providing an automated method that can quickly complete the operation with only a few clicks. Users may easily lessen disturbance without changing their main track by uploading the appropriate file to the website and turning on the AI in the noise reduction tool.

Developers may instantly improve the quality of audio and video material with the Enhance collection of audio and video processing APIs. The APIs provide a variety of capabilities, such as audio equalization, loudness leveling, voice enhancement, and noise reduction.

Scalable and adaptable, Enhance is supported by various platforms and computer languages. It may be used to improve pre-recorded audio and video files or to handle material in real time. Programmers may include these APIs in their apps to raise the available audio and visual quality level.

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