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Meet ChatHN: A Real-Time AI-Powered Chat On Hacker News Feed


ChatHN, driven by AI, has recently been launched in the Hacker News Feed. ChatHN is a free and open-source artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot built with OpenAI Functions and the Vercel AI SDK for conversational interactions with the Hacker News API. Using the instructions at https://github.com/steven-tey/chathn, anyone may deploy their instance of ChatHN with a single click. 

ChatHN is a platform that facilitates conversational interactions with Hacker News (HN). Features include retrieving the most popular articles, a specific article, or an article along with comments from Hacker News. ChatHN can also be used to summarize the most popular story and comments on Hacker News. ChatHN aims to facilitate conversational access to Hacker News material without requiring direct usage of the Hacker News website or API.

Completely free to use and modify, it was developed using the following:

  • OpenAI’s new Functions Calling feature
  • Vercel AI SDK
  • HackerNews API

Check out here: chathn.vercel.app

OpenAI’s Functions

Models developed by OpenAI called GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) can interpret both human language and computer code. In reaction to the inputs given to them, GPTs generate texts. The inputs to GPTs are often known as “prompts” for short. To “program” a GPT model, one must first design a prompt, which usually consists of instructions and examples of the desired behavior. A chat model’s input is a collection of messages; its output is a new message. The chat style was created to facilitate lengthy discussions but may also be used effectively for shorter interactions.

Knowing how to optimize your work with GPTs can significantly impact how quickly and efficiently your applications run. It’s sometimes obvious how to work around or fix the many failure modes that GPTs display. Working with GPTs requires a set of skills dubbed “prompt engineering,” but as the subject has advanced, its focus has broadened to include engineering systems that use model inquiries as building blocks. 

Vercel AI SDK

The Vercel AI SDK is a free library for creating conversational streaming UIs in JavaScript and TypeScript. The SDK is compatible with Node.js, Serverless, Edge Runtime, React/Next.js, Svelte/SvelteKit, and Vue/Nuxt.

Features That Make ChatHN Great

Some of ChatHN’s most notable characteristics are:

  • ChatHN is a tool for reading the most popular stories on Hacker News. Based on the number of votes and comments, it pulls up the most recent and discussed articles. The number of tales one wishes to obtain can also be specified.
  • Using ChatHN and the story’s ID, a user can retrieve a specific article from Hacker News. This provides information about the story, including its title, author, rating, and URL.
  • Annotated Narrative: It is possible to acquire a single story from Hacker News together with all of the comments that have been made on it. This function helps peruse the feedback and thoughts of the Hacker News community on a specific story.
  • The most popular article on Hacker News, along with the comments, can be summarized as ChatHN. This feature outlines the most discussed article on Hacker News in a concise format.

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