15+ Best AI Tools To Help You Land Your Next Dream Role (2023)


Resumaker.ai is a website that helps people make resumes in minutes. The portal provides users with several customizable, designer-made resume templates and intuitive tools to help them land their dream jobs. Unlike other resume builders, Resumaker.ai’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine streamlines the resume-building process by automatically completing and filling in data for users. Resumaker.ai uses SSL encryption and other measures to safeguard user data against unauthorized access. You can use the tool’s writing guides and recommendations to design a resume that stands out from the competition. Users can modify their resumes to reflect the requirements of the posted position, provide an overview of who they are, and utilize numbers to back up claims about their qualifications.


Job-seekers can use Interviewsby.ai, a platform driven by artificial intelligence, to get ready for interviews. ChatGPT, a language model that can recognize and interpret human language, provides real-time feedback during mock interviews customized to the user. By inputting information about the desired employment, the application can generate appropriate and realistic interview questions for the user. The ability to create questions eliminates the possibility of users training with obsolete or irrelevant material. Users may hone their interviewing skills in a controlled setting using interviewsby.ai and get instant feedback on how they did. Each user receives specific feedback that draws attention to their strengths and weaknesses.


By assessing a user’s interests, talents, and values, Existential, an AI-powered job exploration tool, makes specific suggestions about the user’s professional path. Its purpose is to point its customers toward occupations that will provide them stimulation, challenge, and satisfaction. The application has a straightforward discovery process: after answering certain questions about their ideal job, the program will provide users with recommendations that best fit their interests. Before committing to anything, users can learn more about these choices and see if they mesh with their objectives. Existential aims to empower individuals to shape their destinies and discover meaning in their work.


To improve their odds of securing interviews, job seekers should use Jobscan ATS Resume Checker and Job Search Tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The program uses a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm to examine the job description and the applicant’s résumé to isolate the relevant qualifications. After analyzing the applicant’s resume, the program generates a match rate report that details the applicant’s strengths and areas for improvement. You can optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and increase your chances of getting noticed with the help of Jobscan ATS Resume Checker.


Artificial intelligence (AI) powers Aragon Professional Headshots, a program that lets users take polished headshots without visiting a photographer, spending time on hair and makeup, or waiting days for retouching. The user uploads 10 selfies, and the tool instantly returns 40 high-definition photographs. Moreover, the application protects users’ privacy by encrypting data with AES256 and only storing it with service providers who have earned SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications. Please note that this service is not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18 since doing so is a violation of the terms of service.

Practice Interview 

Job-seekers can use Practice Mock Interviews with AI to prepare for an interview with a potential employer. Using chatbot technology powered by artificial intelligence, the app helps users prepare for interviews for over a hundred occupations. There is no need to create an account or provide personal information to use the practice interview. Users can sign up for a mailing list and practice interviews for various positions in marketing, software engineering, administration, construction, sales, customer service, operations, finance and accounting, engineering, analysis, teaching, the arts, hospitality, and food service.


To help its customers rapidly and efficiently grow their professional networks, Wonsulting has developed NetworkAI, an AI-powered networking platform. NetworkAI employs cutting-edge machine learning technology to construct personalized LinkedIn introduction messages that sound like they were written by a real person for the user’s desired career, present position, and desired business. In addition, it lets people keep tabs on their progress and star items they like. Users can further strengthen their networking abilities by accessing resources such as templates, courses, and success stories. NetworkAI offers three different token packages for users to choose from to create greeting messages. Trying out the product costs nothing initially (10 tokens are provided at no cost). NetworkAI is a helpful tool for those wanting to expand their professional network and build meaningful contacts.

FutureFinder AI

FutureFinder AI is a cutting-edge resource that facilitates global career and education research, personalized guidance, and application process facilitation for students and professionals. The platform provides individualized suggestions for schools and courses, deep AI-driven insights, and specialized support from seasoned education advisers. Key features of FutureFinder AI include a personalized AI recommendation engine based on a user’s preferences, academic background, and aspirations; comprehensive assessment tools powered by GPT-4; an AI-powered essay analyzer that offers personalized feedback on college application essays; and mock AI interviews for college admissions purposes; all of which help users to unlock their academic and career potential and make the pursuit of academic excellence accessible and affordable.


Mimir’s AI companions, such as the philosopher Aristotle, provide individualized instruction. Mimir users can select a guide and receive individualized training without investing in networking or financial resources. Conversations with the AI guide will prompt it to ask pertinent questions informed by previous research and improve the quality of its advice-giving. Mimir is a novel solution for those who want to improve themselves through mentoring but need help finding a suitable mentor due to financial or time constraints. Mimir gives you access to low-priced guidance powered by AI. Users log on, select an AI character, and start working with Mimir. Mimir’s advice is superior to other systems that charge more for less individualized support. Mimir employs machine learning techniques to analyze and resolve user difficulties. A powerful resource acts as a mentor to its users on both a personal and professional level.

Engage AI

The artificial intelligence–driven FILT Pod aims to expand a company’s influence on LinkedIn through strategic partnerships. FILT Pod’s primary function is to enable users to automate and scale their engagement on LinkedIn with a feature called “Engage AI.” The AI-driven tool saves users time and effort and generates engaging and relevant comments for each post. In addition, it lets users keep tabs on the posting habits of an unlimited number of leads, shortening the time it takes to make the seven to thirteen touches (or more) required to close a sale. You can use the device with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for or use.


Yoodli is a one-on-one, AI-powered speech trainer that gives users constructive feedback on enhancing their communication abilities. The software offers immediate feedback on a user’s filler words, tempo, and word choice, in addition to monitoring their visual and verbal delivery in real-time. Users can either record a speech on Yoodli’s protected website or incorporate it into a Zoom call. Once users have built up their self-assurance, they can record their progress and share it with friends or instructors. Yoodli is the best public speaking software, and it is used by people at some of the best firms in the world. Yoodli also provides classes to help users improve their self-assurance for job interviews, public speaking, regular discussions, and corporate presentations.


Kickresume is cutting-edge resume and cover letter technology, allowing users to create both in an automated fashion. Its advanced AI system uses cutting-edge technology to aid users in creating compelling, professional documents suited to their specific career goals. There is a large selection of professionally designed resume templates available on Kickresume. Kickresume is the best place to start when making a resume from scratch or updating an old one. Learn how Kickresume’s AI-powered features can improve your job search immediately. Kickresume is the future of writing your resume and cover letter.


WonsultingAI is an AI-powered platform designed to assist users in finding satisfying employment. You can use the platform’s resume builder to make an AI-powered résumé optimized for your job search and the cover letter generator to quickly and easily craft a letter of application unique to each position you’re applying for. There’s also a built-in networking feature for connecting with future employers and industry peers. The platform is free, but a paid subscription unlocks premium features, including unrestricted usage of the ResumAI and CoverLetterAI tools. WonsultingAI is a fantastic resource for anyone in the market for new employment. The software is user-friendly, and it can help you prepare a professional resume and cover letter, both of which will interest hiring managers.


TheJobForMe is an online resource that connects people looking for work with employers. The website uses AI to help users find jobs that are a good fit for them in terms of their interests, background, and skills. There are several ways in which TheJobForMe stands out from competing employment boards. First, it utilizes AI to find the most suitable employment opportunities for each individual. As a result, job-seekers have a better shot at landing positions that truly utilize their talents and interests. Second, TheJobForMe offers job-seekers individualized guidance for their professional development. Job-seekers can use this information to hone their application materials and prepare for interviews. Third, TheJobForMe facilitates communication between job-seekers and hiring organizations. This aids anyone looking for work in gaining an introduction to potential employers.


Job-seekers and employers can meet each other through CareerCircle. It helps users find jobs, learn about companies, create resumes and cover letters, practice for interviews, and get direction in their careers. Job-seekers and companies alike can benefit from CareerCircle. You can find a job using CareerCircle. CareerCircle is a tool for finding and hiring the best employees. The job search engine on CareerCircle allows you to narrow your results by location, keyword, and more. The employment profiles on CareerCircle also feature information about the company’s culture, perks, and potential for advancement in one’s career. It allows you to create unique cover letters for each job application by combining a resume builder with a cover letter writer. You can prepare for interviews and make a good impression on potential employers with the help of CareerCircle’s interview tools and career advice.


JobHunnT is a job search engine that can match you with the ideal employer. JobHunnT’s job search engine lets you search for jobs by area, keyword, and other parameters, just one of the many tools and resources available on the platform. It offers in-depth analyses of businesses, covering office life, perks, and career growth potential. JobHunnT also provides a cover letter writer and a resume builder to assist users in creating effective application materials. JobHunnT provides job-seekers with career guidance and resources to help them build their talents and advance their careers, as well as interview preparation tools and materials to help them succeed in their job interviews. Wage negotiating might be difficult, but JobHunnT provides resources and tools to help you achieve the wage you deserve.


Recless is a convenient tool that streamlines the process of looking for a new job. The program employs AI to help you find suitable work for your interests and abilities. Recless stands out from the crowd of job-searching apps in several significant ways. One of its primary functions is to help you find work that fits your talents and interests through AI. As a result, you should have an easier time locating suitable employment opportunities. Secondly, Recless facilitates the application process for jobs with less effort. Because of this, looking for a job takes much less time and effort. Finally, Recless critiques your application materials, including your résumé and cover letter. Your chances of getting recruited will be boosted as a result of this.


JobProfile.io is a free service that can be used to make a resume or cover letter that is sure to impress potential employers. Among the many tools available on the site are a resume builder and a cover letter writer, both designed to assist users in preparing application materials unique to each job for which they are applying. The job search engine on JobProfile.io lets users look for work in specific areas or by using particular keywords. It offers in-depth analyses of businesses, covering office life, perks, and career growth potential. Additionally, JobProfile.io provides users with career advice and resources to assist them in developing their talents and advancing their careers, as well as interview preparation tools and materials to help users succeed in interviews.

CareerHub AI

CareerHub AI is an AI-powered career advising platform designed to assist users in identifying and acquiring desirable employable skills and occupations. Numerous tools, such as career guidance tailored to your unique interests, experiences, and abilities, are available on the site. In addition to aiding in the job search process, CareerHub AI provides access to a wealth of tools designed to help you become the best professional you can be. You may earn the compensation you deserve by using the wage-negotiating resources provided by CareerHub AI and nailing your next interview with their guidance. Anyone looking for work, regardless of their degree of expertise, can benefit from using CareerHub AI. It’s an excellent resource for locating desirable employment opportunities and learning relevant skills to help you succeed in your chosen field.


Job Interview Coach is an online resource designed to aid candidates in getting ready for interviews. To help you be prepared for your interview, Job Interview Coach provides a wide range of sample questions and simulated scenarios. This can give you a sense of calm and assurance before your interview. Gain insight into how you performed during your interview with the help of a Job Interview Coach. You can use the information provided to fine-tune your approach to future interviews. Job Interview Coach offers a wealth of knowledge to help you perform well in your interview. If you follow this guidance, you will have a far better chance of impressing your interviewer and landing the job you want. It’s a terrific strategy to improve your chances of landing the job you want if you’re going in for an interview for a new position.

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