Best AI Games (2023)

Some industry insiders claim that the most useful applications of artificial intelligence in video games are the ones that go under the radar. Artificial intelligence video games are always evolving. Each kind of game will use AI in its unique way. AI programs the non-playable characters’ responses and behaviors. In this case, it’s crucial since the characters need to seem credible and capable.

The advancement of artificial intelligence technologies is largely attributable to work done in the gaming industry. In the past, AI was employed to help you plan your next move. In today’s games, AI is used to improve aesthetics and fix any problems that may arise during play. Contrarily, AI games do not rely on artificial intelligence. After all, you can use deep learning more practically than just amusement. Sophia the Robot, for instance, is used as a tool to educate the youth of today about AI for the benefit of the future.


First Encounter Assault Recon is a first-person shooter horror game with psychological elements available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows. It’s one of the best artificial intelligence games and the first in the F.E.A.R. series. Produced by Monolith Productions and released at launch by Vivendi Universal Games’ Sierra Entertainment imprint. It’s a shame that few people talk about the fantastic first-person shooter F.E.A.R., which had engaging gameplay, difficult enemy encounters, and superior artificial intelligence. F.E.A.R. is the first video game to incorporate Goal Oriented Action Planning (GOAP), a form of artificial intelligence. The technology enables opponents to act like humans, making gunfights more exciting and memorable.

Last of Us

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s 2013 AI game The Last of Us has garnered a passionate fanbase—a survival horror game. Joel and Ellie and the epidemic are featured. AI dominates this survival game. Each playable character has a distinct personality and reacts differently to player actions. The game’s complex past offers various paths. Non-playable characters may help the player in danger or ambush them. When even your comrades run out of bullets, you’re fighting. This show’s characters are introspective and creative. Even without orders, Ellie kills adversaries. She can employ shields to locate her opponent. AI-assisted games go beyond story progression. 

Splinter Cell: Blacklist

All Blacklist operations have the same overarching objective: evade security. In this case, the guard AI is quite impressive, and artificial intelligence has always been a point of fascination in the Splinter Cell games. It is a challenging stealth game, as you say. It’s like a chess game, and computers are crazy about chess. You enter a zone, locate all the guards, plan your escape, and proceed with the task. However, it’s more challenging than it sounds. The guards are educated to recognize and respond to the slightest of shifts visually and aurally.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The 2012 XCOM reboot’s AI was a major factor in the game’s popularity. The developer of this AI reasoned that if it were also witty, that would be even better. The utility was created due to technological progress, which made possible “a system that assigned a quantitative value to every conceivable activity.” Because of its limited movement options, XCOM’s AI has to carefully plan the most efficient course of action for each turn; this is one of the game’s most recognizable features. It would consider how close you are to the nearest objective, if you’re near any hostile aliens, how many enemies there are, how they behave, etc. Other prospective game makers should consider adopting this AI approach.

Halo: CE

The Halo series is another popular video game franchise well-known for its formidable computer opponents. This facet is one of the primary reasons why Covenant and the Flood have evolved into recognizable adversaries in the Halo series of video games. Combat Evolved, the first game in the series marked a watershed moment in the evolution of video game AI. Some of the tactics that Grunts, Brutes, and other similar foes use are unique to this franchise and cannot be found in any other games in the series. Halo: Reach is yet another game that successfully utilizes artificial intelligence.


Since its release in 2012, Minecraft has always impressed. Due to the lack of predetermined goals, many players find it a fun sandbox experience. Depending on your approach to building your Minecraft world, you might have a lot of pleasure or stress. However, Minecraft offers a variety of difficulty settings for those who enjoy a serious challenge. Fans want both the adventure mode and the spectator mode. However, in general, this game can go on forever. It’s very similar to online Lego games in that you constantly build. The game uses AI to change based on how you play it. Each new universe that players make is more unique than the last. These games use artificial intelligence to preserve the integrity of the players’ worlds while maintaining their individuality.

Rocket League

When it comes to artificial intelligence games, Rocket League ranks high. The game gives players the football-meets-cars dynamic they didn’t know they wanted. The popular video game Rocket League has a simple premise: you play football while driving a car. The players use rocket-powered vehicles to kick and pass the ball. The game’s AI only stands out a little. This is most noticeable in the first phases of the game when ball techniques are used. Not only is it brilliant at artificial intelligence games, but it also knows how to put AI to good use.


Among the best games for artificial intelligence in Stock, Stockfish, a free and open-source chess program, is easily accessible online. Because of its open-source nature, it undergoes regular reviews and updates, much like encrypted messaging apps. Every few months, the system is upgraded and made more challenging. In the game, one plays a chess match against a computer. Rare individuals have succeeded in beating this artificial intelligence system.

Google Quick Draw

Beautiful but over-the-top video games are only sometimes entertaining and engaging. The Google Quick Draw feature is a perfect illustration of this. Google Quick Draw was developed by the inventive technologist Jonas Jongejan, and it’s a kind of Pictionary with AI. Players answer a question in this game by drawing the computer’s suggested answer. Doodles can be recognized in-game with the help of AI. The computer learns more about objects, people, and locations with every stroke and line it draws. Quick Draw is a fun game that can be played instantly with a Google search. It’s also a great stepping stone for anyone curious about machine learning.


Thanks to its long history, FIFA has established its dominance over the game industry. Almost every gamer has tried their hand at FIFA at least once. As a result, games are less likely to lose their appeal over time. In the most recent FIFA games, an AI technology called football knowledge is used. Like when it creates universes, AI ensures the balls follow scientific rules. Dribblers will be given more opportunities to practice and develop their abilities. On the other hand, the AI’s strategy can be uncovered via your teammates, making it easier (or harder, depending on your play style) for you to take control of the game.

Red Dead Redemption 2

AI manages non-playable characters in Red Dead Redemption 2. Individuality is brought to life by machine learning technologies. Every action reacts to your decision, and the reactions are virtually always realistic. Some people might make fun of your clothes, and your weaponry could accidentally kill a helpless insect. These features are unimportant, but they make for far more interesting gameplay when combined with AI technology.


Half-Life, which was released in 1998, is among the most innovative video games that have ever been created. The game brought Half-Life to a wider audience and demonstrated how important AI is to the gaming business. Without a shadow of a question, the Marines are one of the most jaw-dropping aspects found in Half-Life. How these different forces attempted to creep up on the gamer is fascinating.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Rockstar has made great strides in artificial intelligence, and Grand Theft Auto 5 is another prime example. It’s a fantastic example of how great a video game can be when the artificial intelligence is spot on. Pedestrians are now more intelligent than ever, responding creatively to player input, especially with an instant effect.

Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor

The Nemesis System is one of the most distinctive elements that sets Shadow of Mordor unique from other games. The first game is still quite well remembered, even though Shadow of War is an improvement. When discussing games with impressive artificial intelligence, it would be unwise to understate the Nemesis System’s potentially limitless applications. Those passionate about the Nemesis System can’t wait to see how other game designers work with this concept.


Facebook has already begun implementing AI experiments across its product line, including its augmented reality glasses. Facebook is incorporating AI into its games this time around. Using artificial intelligence, Facebook created Darkforest, a version of Go with nearly infinite moves. AI might replace human competitors in this setting. Examples of such methods include Darkforest (or Darkfores2), which uses a hybrid of neural networks and search-based techniques to choose its next best action. It anticipates your next action and evaluates it accordingly. Players often regard Darkforest as a formidable AI test. When it counts, there are many factors to consider in a game of Go. Probability, statistics, and tried-and-true methods should all be taken into account. Machine learning is used to analyze and play with these factors. This AI-human clash is the toughest one to date.

AlphaGo Zero

The artificial intelligence game Go can be played whenever the player wants. According to its Chinese roots as a game of trapping your opponent’s stones, Go’s basic techniques make it a fair game for AI and humans. Like chess, a game of Go ends after all legal moves have been made. After all, the stones have been moved and captured, and the winner is the player with the most. Like Darkforest, AlphaGo Zero uses complex search tree algorithms to foretell moves. In particular, “advanced search tree” methods are used. A network is used to determine the next move, while another network is used to determine the winner. Your computerized opponents will get smarter over time, thanks to machine learning. Moreover, unlike humans, it never seems to tire of playing. The artificial intelligence powering AlphaGo has already defeated the best Go players in the world. It’s time for the next competitors to throw their hats in the ring.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The artificial intelligence in Metal Gear Solid games is usually quite advanced for its time. As stealth games, they should feature difficult artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is the best in the series. Each assignment in The Phantom Pain can be accomplished in various ways. The AI will implement countermeasures if they rely too much on only one or two strategies. A player’s enemies will start donning beefier helmets if they’re repeatedly shot in the head. The opponent will have additional lights if the players decide to attack at night. If players snipe from afar, the military will use mortars to counter the threat. Metal Gear Solid V’s enemies are skilled tacticians who will force you to adapt and stay one step ahead of them.

Left 4 Dead 2

The player-versus-player mode in Left 4 Dead 2 is robust. The AI Director is always present whether players are engaged in cooperative or competitive play. The game’s AI Director determines the location and timing of enemy spawns, the availability of goods, and the number of Special Infected encountered. The AI Director’s abilities in this area are unparalleled. The AI Director is wise and constantly switches things up to keep players guessing. It’s not overcrowded with foes but rather delicately calibrated to keep players on edge and feeling threatened. It guarantees that every single run-through of a campaign will be unique.


Numerous examples of AIs in strategy games cannot compete with human players. The complexity and variety of these games make it extremely difficult to create an AI that can provide a fair challenge. Cheating is a common way for games to make up for problems. Sometimes the AI has a slight advantage, like more data, and sometimes the benefit is more obvious, like more time or money. Stellaris is an intricate strategy game with a heavy emphasis on the economy. The game aims to amass resources and expand your realm. At greater difficulties, the AI needs bonuses to keep up and quickly catch up if it still needs to receive them. The AI regularly receives updates that expand its capabilities thanks to Paradox Entertainment’s Custodian Initiative. The fact that it can handle anything is a credit to the designers.

Resident Evil 2

In Resident Evil 2, most bad guys aren’t particularly bright. They bumble at the player to close the gap and engage in melee combat. Since they’re zombies, that makes perfect sense. But now that Mr. X is here, everything has changed. Throughout the game, he poses a constant danger to Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield while they work at the Raccoon City Police Department. Mr. X in Resident Evil 2 walks straight at the player, making him easy to kite. However, this is done solely so that the game can be completed. As a hunter, Mr. X generally exhibits much more nuanced behavior. If the player is lost, he will hunt for them carefully and react to loud noises like shooting or fighting. Instead of charging in to disturb the combat, he will stand back and watch as a zombie savages the player.

Alien: Isolation

The xenomorph that follows you around for the entirety of Alien: Isolation is a big part of the game’s appeal. It’s a perfect predator and a film horror icon. The game captures Alien’s rising tension when the player learns their opponent is smart. The xenomorph’s intelligence is its most remarkable quality. It retains the player’s strategies and counters with difficulty. The xenomorph will become increasingly vigilant if the player repeatedly uses the same hiding place. If the same techniques are used repeatedly, the game will learn to disregard them. The xenomorph will eventually figure out how to avoid the player’s flamethrower and will cause them to waste ammunition trying to scare it away.

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