Nvidia Announced Real-Time AI NPCs In Video Games

At the COMPUTEX 2023 trade expo, technology giant Nvidia revealed a demo of its NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for Games, demonstrating the power of AI in games on a massive screen. The demo featured a computer-generated image of a cyberpunk ramen cafe, complete with a bartender NPC that engaged the player in conversation.

Nvidia has introduced the Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine for Games, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform for video games that combines several previously separate AI-based features and functionalities. Nvidia appears to be making one of the first substantial attempts into this field, which has long been heralded as a potentially fruitful application of modern AIs.

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Nvidia built the engine in collaboration with the Melbourne firm Convai. It used NVIDIA services NeMo, Riva, and Omniverse Audio2Face to modify NPC histories and personas, enable live speech conversations with NPCs, and generate facial animations from audio inputs. Even while ray tracing is crucial to rendering, Nvidia is prepared to push things forward with additional AI integrations. The technology known as the Omniverse Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) for Games enables scriptless NPCs to speak to the user in-game using their actual voices. 

Modders have shown that Nvidia’s AI-based technology is incredibly adaptable, allowing it to be implemented in games that don’t natively support it. A modder implementing Nvidia DLSS in Fallout 4 is a good illustration of this, as are the upscaling solutions native to AMD and Intel. ACE for Games may have the same degree of adaptability; however, this remains to be seen.

The ramifications of artificial intelligence’s entry into the game industry have likely received the most attention so far, but the people who should already be most concerned are writers. Despite the possible outcry and objections that may follow, NPC speech and quest text in games will likely be written by AI soon. This is already happening and will appear in games this year. But yesterday night’s announcement by Nvidia shows the repercussions could be far more far-reaching than previously thought, eventually replacing voice performers, animators, lighting teams, and the whole shebang.

 It’s the beginning of the possibility of more complex and interesting gaming characters. In addition, AI can facilitate the creation of new worlds and characters in record time. This is fantastic news for video game developers! The potential of this technology is mind-blowing. Previously requiring hundreds of players, games may soon be feasible for teams of 10 or even individuals to complete. Players can quickly engage in games with true roleplaying and have meaningful conversations with virtual counterparts.

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