Best 10+ AI Plugins on ChatGPT (2023)

ChatGPT has taken AI to new heights if they weren’t there before. It’s not simply ChatGPT 4 alone; the AI chatbot also works well with third-party plugins. Despite Google’s plans to enhance things with the brand new Google PaLM 2 model, the OpenAI offering is still well-liked. Installing and using ChatGPT plugins is now easily taught to the uninitiated. In any case, which plugins for ChatGPT are the finest, and should you use them? We have researched the available plugins for ChatGPT and selected the top choices. Let’s examine the best ChatGPT add-ons for the year 2023.


OpenTable is a great ChatGPT plugin for making reservations at restaurants on the go. This ChatGPT add-on is designed to reduce the time and effort required for scheduling meetings. Therefore, you only need to provide ChatGPT with the date, time, location, and number of individuals involved. The data is processed by the plugin, which then suggests local eateries. One of the finest ChatGPT plugins for reserving tables at restaurants quickly and easily, the links offered by the plugin take users directly to forms with their information filled in.


While the Wolfram ChatGPT plugin’s extensive features make it one of the finest, its technical nature puts off some users. Wolfram, powered by advanced data, gives ChatGPT users access to sophisticated computational, mathematical, and real-time data to answer any question. Wolfram may be used for more than simple calculations; for example, it can be used to construct family trees, analyze music, visualize the human body, and do much more. Even more so than ChatGPT, it provides accurate time and date updates in real-time. Feel free to play with Wolfram to find the ChatGPT feature that works best for you.


Zapier is one of the best ChatGPT plugins for busy professionals and marketers since it was designed to streamline repetitive tasks. In a nutshell, Zapier facilitates seamless communication between more than five thousand popular business programs. Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, and many more popular applications are included. Users need to connect once and provide their consent to a few tasks. You may use ChatGPT to compose and send detailed Slack messages or emails when finished. As a result, Zapier collaborates with ChatGPT to make this feasible and allows users to modify their activities. 


Booking flights and hotels and finding helpful travel advice is easier by adding the Kayak plugin for ChatGPT. Your starting point, ending place, arrival time, and departure time will be required again. When ready, Kayak will lead you to many departure airport possibilities. Cost, travel time, layovers, and preferred carriers are all included. When you’ve decided, you may have ChatGPT and Kayak produce links for you.

Other of the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions can read websites for you. However, other people like things to be more straightforward and don’t use extensions. For such users, Link Reader is among the top ChatGPT extensions available. This plugin can decipher any linked material, whether a web page, PDF, picture, or anything else. If you need a brief overview, this plugin is a good option. All that is required is to provide it with a link and a question. ChatGPT then communicates with Link Reader to respond in-depth to the question.


If you’re a language nerd, Speak has the potential to be one of the greatest ChatGPT plugins available. Speak is an add-on that lives up to its name by teaching you to communicate effectively in various languages. This effectively transforms Speak into a personal language coach. Speak is not only a translation tool; it also helps with verb conjugations, subtle grammar, and more. Start by typing in your language question and get an almost instant reply via the ChatGPT plugin.


ChatGPT provides recipes, but it can’t go shopping for you. That’s why we’ve included Instacart in our top ChatGPT plugins list. This ChatGPT add-on is completely food-focused, and it can intelligently suggest dishes and drinks, complete with step-by-step instructions. But what makes Instacart stand out is that it directs visitors to its primary service page, where they can make real-time purchases of these items. So, if you ever find yourself without enough parmesan cheese to top your spaghetti, you know where to go. My inner gourmet was pleased by how quickly and accurately new recipes and ingredients could be generated. Try out Instacart and discover whether the service is to your liking.

MixerBox OnePlayer

It’s only natural to want to jam out to some tunes as you get stuff done. Previously, ChatGPT could only point people toward well-known music sites. But with this ChatGPT add-on, all that has changed for the better. MixerBox is a one-stop music compilation tool that collects tracks and generates playlists. The ChatGPT add-on immediately begins processing user preferences when they are entered. When you’re done, MixerBox provides listening links for each song in the mix. Best of all, because of YouTube, all the music is free.

Show Me

ChatGPT’s different productivity features mean it’s useful for more than just fun. Show Me is a helpful service that enables ChatGPT to generate real-time diagrams of nearly any kind, and it’s one of the best plugins available for the software. Displaying as a fundamental idea is required while using Show Me. The combination of ChatGPT and Show Me made acquiring a graphical and textual explanation simple. For instance, if you instruct the plugin to use a Mindmap presentation of the idea of ikigai. If you ever need a diagram quickly, this ChatGPT add-on is the way to go.


If you found Instacart helpful for recommending recipes and ingredients, you’ll love Likewise, one of the best ChatGPT plugins for finding new podcasts. Naturally, LikeWise utilizes its database to search podcasts for appropriate tunes based on the listener’s current state of mind. Select the podcast you’re in the mood for, or have the bot recommend some popular ones.

In seconds, LikeWise compiles a list of relevant podcasts and gives access to them. Remember, however, that you may have to pay for some of them. Those in need of podcast suggestions, however, might look at this ChatGPT add-on.

World News

Even with the most recent GPT-4 big language model, ChatGPT’s database only goes as far as 2021, which needs to be improved. Due to its timely updates, the new World News plugin in ChatGPT has quickly become one of the most popular. This interesting ChatGPT plugin has a global reach, displaying news articles in many languages, each with a link to the source. The plugin’s functionality is as straightforward as it seems; users may request global news and get a well-formatted listicle. World News may need to be more practical in the usual sense, but it is essential reading for anybody interested in staying informed.


This ChatGPT plugin, however, should be simple. The chess add-on does what it says and allows users to play several games against ChatGPT. At the game’s outset, the player can select a level according to their current skill level. If you challenge the AI chatbot, ensure you’re on top of your game. After then, playing against ChatGPT is a pleasant experience. Check out this ChartGPT add-on for an exciting game or two of chess.


Chance is a plugin focused on community service that provides a quick list of nonprofits in one’s immediate area. Simply typing in a place will return results that include people’s names, biographical details, and relevant connections. You may always contribute by donating to one of these organizations. Even if Chance doesn’t offer much else, it’s a great plugin for individuals who want to help their local community.

Browsing Plugin

The Browsing Plugin is a very intelligent helper that searches the web on your behalf. ChatGPT’s ability to provide correct responses to queries previously outside its scope was greatly enhanced by this plugin. Examples of ChatGPT use are many on the web, ranging from creating Oscars-related news and information to looking into the most recent AI research. ChatGPT employs the Bing search API and security measures developed by Microsoft to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the results it returns. OpenAI places a premium on security at all times. It also considers website owners’ wishes by not crawling their pages.

In addition, ChatGPT always shows you the websites it used to research the answers to your inquiries and provides links to the pages it found there. If you need absolute certainty that the information provided by ChatGPT is accurate, you may use this feature to verify its replies.

Code Interpreter Plugin

Quantitative and qualitative mathematical problem solving, data analysis, visualization, and file format conversion are only some of the first application cases for Code Interpreter. The ChatGPT plugin’s code interpreter runs Python code in a secure, isolated environment behind a firewall. The Interpreter plugin keeps a running code evaluation during a chat session until the session or discussion ends. The approach allows users to deposit files into the active discussion workspace and retrieve completed tasks. If you have a junior programmer at your beck and call, constructing effective processes will take little time.

Retrieval Plugin by ChatGPT

Retrieval Developers may install their plugin version and register it with ChatGPT using its self-hosted and open-source approach. The plugin indexes and searches documents using OpenAI embeddings and allows developers to use many vector databases (including Milvus, Pinecone, Qdrant, Redis, Weaviate, and Zilliz). Webhooks allow external data sources to communicate with the database in real-time. Simply by asking, users may return to the most relevant sections of their files, notes, emails, and public documents. This method has no unintended consequences, and the main concern is protecting the confidentiality of personal information. All material added to the retrieval plugin and made available in ChatGPT sessions by developers must be used lawfully.


When planning a trip, you can find everything you need at Expedia. Planning a vacation has never been easier than with the Expedia ChatGPT Plugin. In response to several follow-up queries, the ChatGPT plugin can look up trip expenses, resorts, and local activities. The chatbot tailors suggestions to the user’s travel interests using up-to-the-moment data, algorithmic computations, and several search criteria. The recommendations adapt appropriately as users modify their settings, such as their preferred conveniences and departure times.


The ChatGPT plugin for FiscalNote gives users the tools to turn ideas into actionable plans. Users can get a bird’s-eye view of the latest law, policy, and regulatory developments. ChatGPT’s connection with FiscalNote allows for real-time communication in which users may pose any number of inquiries and get tailored answers from the service. The longer you use the ChatGPT plugin, the more information FiscalNote has to fine-tune its algorithm and better serve the requirements of each user. The FiscalNote ChattGPT plugin uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to give users a streamlined and straightforward experience, allowing them to keep pace with the ever-evolving regulatory environment.


Suppose you’re a shopaholic who’s constantly on the search for a good bargain. Klarna is your closest friend, and the new Klarna ChatGPT plugin will improve your shopping experience. The plugin will act as a customized shopping assistant, automatically drawing on Klarna’s curated collection of products, but only if they are relevant to the user’s search. Users may also use Klarna’s search and comparison function by clicking the product links provided as recommendations.


Milo is an artificial intelligence (AI) co-pilot ChatGPT plugin for parents to help manage turmoil at home and get things done. The most recent advancement in large-language models, GPT-4, drives its ability to classify and route data to the appropriate destinations while adapting to user input. In seconds, Milo can take a string of text messages, an email thread, a snapshot, or a whiteboard picture and transform it into something rational that can be shared with anybody who needs to know. Milo is presently available for free during its beta phase. Thanks to a ChatGPT plugin, this fantastic AI tool is now available on the platform. Selecting the Milo plugin allows users to ask queries such as, “What household chores are pending today?” and have the plugin get the necessary information from Milo to create a list of things to accomplish.

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