How To Use ChatGPT To Chat With Any PDF Document

Step 1


Step 2

Click on the left bottom three dots and then click on settings

Step 3

Click on ‘Beta Features’. Turn on the ‘Web browsing’ and ‘Plugin’

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Step 4

close the pop-up and hover over the GPT 4 or GPT 3 on the top bar. Then choose ‘Plugins’ and Open the plugin store. Choose a plugin and install it. More details are here.

Step 5

Search and install ‘AskYourPDF’ plugin

Step 6

Upload your PDF document by adding this prompt ‘upload a pdf’ and then click on the hyperlink ‘Upload Document’. This will open up a new tab where you can upload a PDF Document. After uploading the document, please copy the Document ID.

Step 7

Now go back to the ChatGPT portal and add this prompt with your document ID ‘Prompt → What is this document about? doc_id: XXX’

and add more prompts to ask any questions inside the document.

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